Gaming headset Onikuma k6

When I needed headphones, I decided to order them on AliExspress. My choice fell on two models E900 Gaming headset 7.1 and Onikuma k6. I chose the headphones from the company Onikuma because they suit me for the price and characteristics. Bought on Aliexpress here.

Headphones come I’m only 19 days before Bashkiria. They were in a big box and well wrapped in bubble tape, which I was very happy because they are unlikely to be able damaged.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience, music and microphone
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video


At the first autopsy headphone Onikuma K6 from them smelt a bit unpleasant smell, but eventually he was gone. Pleased that in a set of headphones put a small adapter.

When I put headphones on head, they gently sat down due to the darling top, which is made of high quality synthetic leather, also, the material was made ear pads.

I also want to pay tribute to the lights in Onikuma, the Shine is not strong and not weak, looks beautiful.

Convenience, music and microphone

In General, sitting on your head and look good, but if they sit for a long time, my head is beginning to tire due to the considerable weight of headphones. This instrument also features a volume control, in his hand he looks big, but comfortable, it has a volume mixer and the power button and mute.

When I play them games, I can hear which side is the enemy and his moves. For games, they fit perfectly, like to listen to music as high performance playback are present.

If you noticed, but these headphones headset there is a microphone. In quality it is comparable with the buttonhole for 200 rubles. My friends don’t complain about the sound, you can hear me pretty well.

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In the end we can say that this is the best headphone in its price segment, and they are pretty cheap for such quality — about 22 $ or 1500 rubles. Taking on Ali here on this page.

Can you recommend a gaming mouse and a backlit keyboard.