Games Salar KX101 cheap headphones with microphone

Wanted to buy a headphone for games, but couldn’t much for them to pay, had to find the budget. I looked some of the most popular gaming headphones in the price range from 0-15$ on Aliexpress.

They are called Salar KX 101 Gaming. Let’s look at them in detail. Let’s start with the materials.

The contents

  1. The quality and appearance
  2. Convenience
  3. The sound quality in games
  4. Conclusion

The quality and appearance

The earphones themselves are made of high-quality black plastic on the sides has a green insert in the form of a lattice. The headphones are large, but light.

The handle is made of good leatherette, in turn, the ear pads use a higher quality leather. The wire is made of black and green fabric braided 2m long, at the end of which there is 2 Jack of 3.5 mm. the First ear, the second for the microphone.

About the design. Earphone Salar KX101 have the opportunity be varied by sliding the tool. Will go under any head.

The microphone is initially fixed flush with the rim, but can be rotated clockwise by 160 degrees. Of course, this is not a professional Studio condenser microphone SF-666, but with built-in and it does not need to look for a separate place on the table.

On the left is placed the wheel to adjust the volume and switch to turn on and off the microphone.


A few words of comfort. I have already mentioned that they fit any head. Sit tight, squeeze the ears, the leatherette on the ear cups is very nice and soft.

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Even after 5 hours of using them I have not hurt your ears.

The sound quality in games

And now about the main thing — the sound. Frequency response of these headphones: 20-20, 000 Hz. The Resistance Of 32 Ohms. Of course, this is a minimum standard.

Honestly, I never thought that for the price of 13$ for almost (12,72$) will get is stereo sound. The games show themselves great.

Tested on PUBG, CS:GO, World of Tanks. In addition, there is a very embarrassing sound. Hear even the smallest details.

All the sounds merge into a mess, as is the case in the budget price segment. For music lovers, in my opinion, these headphones will not be enough. But listening to music they do not cause any disgust, pretty nice sound, but not for avid fans.


The volume capacity is decent.

Briefly about the delivery. Salar came to KX101 for 19 days in Ukraine, as for me long. In summary, we can say that the headphones play cost 100 percent and if you are on a budget, feel free to order them. Competitors to $ 15 simply no!

Again, bought these headphones Salar on Aliexpress here on this page. If you want to take your streams to YouTube online to your face, I recommend to get another ring lamp for illumination.