Gamepad-joystick a La SEGA USB company Overfly

In our time probably few yourself acquire such kinds of gamepads, but why not save on the console price which is very high, and why not recall those fun days of childhood spent playing in dendy, sega and other.

It can be useful, relevant to the present gamepad for the computer? Probably nothing. But what a beautiful feeling to enjoy the very same games from my childhood and play on the joystick.

The contents

  1. Where to buy, price and delivery
  2. Appearance and management
  3. Opinion

Where to buy, price and delivery

I was looking for a joystick on parameters such as shape, size, convenient location of buttons, and of course,importantly, low cost.

By parameters I gave this brand here is the controller for computer with USB connector, I ordered here on Aliexpress at the official representative of the manufacturer.

The joystick came very quickly, I ordered it on September 22, the order arrived on 21 October,the 30 days went the item in Kazan in the post office, price at that time was RUB 284 Full copy of the original SEGA.

I really liked the neatness of the packaging, respect the seller to send the product and its integrity. The joystick came with no chips, scratches, no issues have arisen on the appearance and packaging.

Appearance and management

The joystick has a cord, USB connector, start button, d-pad (up and down,right left), ABCXYZ buttons (6 of them).

The only downsides is the lack of a mode button on top of joystick, but I think it’s not so important since you can press the mode button on the keyboard.

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Before using you must install the emulator for the game consoles Sega or Dandy, which is now a lot and there are plenty to choose from, digging in the search forums, theme games social.networks.


For me it is very comfortable it is the distribution of buttons. The joystick is not smooth, it has a matte finish, so hands do not slip and they are very convenient to use.

The controller we use for more than a month, we can say that often use no cons in the joystick I found, the only wish that the cord was a little longer. If you include the computer in the back, it’s not very convenient. If the notebook or PC on the front of the case, it will be okay.

One of the advantages of this controller I want to emphasize that the main advantage is a pretty low price, not afraid of the word, high quality joystick, reliable, it is very comfortable and pleasant during the game, hands used to the buttons, to the form of a joystick, it’s pretty weighty and I also belong to the advantages, none of the buttons is not shattered, not dropped all over the place.

After more than one month of use, you can call this USB gamepad here is a reliable and worthy, maybe I’m not an expert in this matter, but as a customer I was more than satisfied as it meets all my requirements.

By the way, if there is interest in different games, not just «retro», then I can recommend universal Xeox Gamepad with lots of buttons and controllers. Or even wireless i8 MS with built-in QWERTY keyboard. More can enjoy gaming headset Kotion. For the price/sound quality/appearance is generally difficult to find analogues, he so long enjoyed and satisfied with everything!

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During the game, the joystick buttons react instantly when pressed, any failures, delays, no scratch.

Consider your purchase very successful, because for the price of such high quality and a good joystick here is just luck.

I recommend everyone to buy this gamepad for the computer to remember your childhood and great fun! Again, ordered on Aliexpress here is the official. They also have some other types of acquaintances our favorite retro consoles.