Game console EXEQ GET 2 on Android

Game console EXEQ GET 2 I ordered almost two months before the new year, to replace a failed console EQEQ ACE. Attracted me the cost of the console with similar characteristics, in district 143$ on Aliexpress here.

Under similar parameters of iron, competitors are 30-40 $ more. The order was about a month, the seller did not communicate, only tracked the track. When , finally, came the long-awaited parcel, it became clear why konsolka cheaper than competitors and saved manufacturers. But about all under the order.

The contents

  1. Features
  2. Quality
  3. In the work
  4. Game
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video


Characteristics of iron consoles to date, far top: RK 3188 processor with four cores with integrated graphics accelerator.

RAM is 1 GB, which, of course, some new games are frankly not enough, but for games two or three years ago more or less enough on medium settings.

Internal memory 8 GB , as is the ability to connect a microSD card. Running the whole thing under the guidance of the OS Android 4.2. A nice bonus is the miniUSB slot, if you wish, you can connect a USB flash drive . Cable included.Also included are the adapter and headphones. Questionable sound quality of the headphones,of course, is attached.


At first glance at the console EXEQ GET eyes catch the very cheap and flimsy materials from which it is made. To the touch, this feeling is reinforced. The device at the slightest tap creaks, the screen shakes, the buttons are made of some sort of plexiglass, but pressing them quite informative.

Screen and body are very sensitive to scratches, but you will learn after a while after purchase. Scratches start to appear from the slightest impact. It seems that even a fly by careless handling can leave scratchy.

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In the work

After turning on the game console EXEQ GET a long time will have to wait until the desktop appears. When it loads, the screen resolution, its color, glare and the viewing angles will leave the thrill of watching videos or perception of the game.

In the nomination «the worst TFT screen» EXEQ GET 2 if not ranked first, you probably would have got in the three leaders.

The picture is very dim color of implicit and fuzzy, and at the slightest deviation the console to the side or up and down ,what is happening on the screen becomes difficult to see. The only plus — diagonal 7 «.

But even if the image is unacceptable for you, it can be displayed on your TV screen.

On top of the console there is a miniHDMI output, but the cable miniHDMI-HDMI have to buy separately. By the way, most of the time I use the console that is connected to the TV,regardless of whether I watch a movie or play.

It is worth noting as well are two cameras in EXEQ GET, front and rear, 0.3 and 3 megapixels respectively.This, in fact, you can see an overview of what the console was bought-for the games that are associated with them.

On the console, as I mentioned, the buttons are made of cheap plastic, kind of looks like a plexiglass, transparent. Clicking informative, clear. That’s a plus.

And he is perhaps the only one. There is one stick, but he just repeats pressing the d-pad, and from this good as from the fifth leg of the dog.To configure it separately is not possible, because the repetition of the crosses are implemented in hardware and not programmable.

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There is a shift, but only two of them. This creates problems for management, for example, when using the PS1 emulator consoles, where many games require the presence of four Liptov. But for most games for smartphones the number of buttons is enough.

On the right side of the console features a classic four button operation and the button «start» button back to the desktop, the button returns to the previous menu display.

Honestly, I never use, but inconvenience, they do not deliver, they do not stick out, and random clicking is almost impossible.For games that do not support control of the hard buttons on the console installed Keymapper, which can be used to customize the controls in any game as you like. And that’s one of the few pros GET 2.


As for the games for EXEQ GET, the demanding games of the last few years, you can start with only a small number of frames that will make the gameplay uncomfortable.

Some games that require OpenGL support 3.0, start does not work, as the CPU console does not support these libraries. I tested the console on games such as Real Racing 3, Modern Combat several parts, N. O. V. A. 3 and several emulators of game consoles.

RR 3 is acceptable on medium settings, like MK 1-4 parts, but part 5 shows the average of 15 fps, with dips to 7-8 shots, and the play is practically impossible, if only Monsieur not a masochist. If you talk about emulators of gaming consoles, it will be comfortable to play in all consoles up to PSP ( with the exception of some very heavy games).

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To summarize we can say that the console EXEQ GET with a bunch of minuses, and a small number of pros, and lovers of quality this purchase is not recommended.

But a big plus for many buyers, can block all the cons — the price. For this price , in principle, to buy something more or less like that is impossible. And if price is the deciding factor, then buy this console. Their money it might be worth. Again, here’s a direct link to Aliexpress.

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