Fusion TV with built-in digital receiver DVB-T2

Perhaps not everyone knows, but soon analog TV in Russia will be disabled and will remain digital. Now it’s 20 channels on average, depending on the region. Of course, plain old TV can’t take digital and therefore they need no special unit for DVB-T2, or you can just update your «box» having already built the receiver of such a standard.

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  • Line with screens 22, 26 and 32 inch
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  • Line with screens 22, 26 and 32 inch

    My attention fell on the Fusion line of televisions with a screen size of 22-32 inches. Two reasons:

  • Low price relative to world famous brands at a high enough quality;
  • Well catches a signal. Already tested on two devices brand Fusion: one for me, and one of the parents.
  • This TV is 22 inches I deliberately took a smaller one for the kitchen or garden. With diagonals of 26 and 32 inches completely the same, only bigger screens. Ordered on Aliexpress in section Tmall herethat the shipment was from a warehouse in Russia.


    Let us now consider the pros and cons, and then I make a conclusion.


    • High resolution gives a high quality picture. Just HD to take now — it will be a return to the past;
    • Screen. TV Fusion matte screen, good colors, good presets presets color, «happy eyes». The frame around it is very thin, wait, when do I delete this frame and will be a continuous picture of the entire front surface, as in top-end smartphones;
    • Finally, they reworked their menu and now it has become more «intuitive» and easy. It used to be much worse;
    • Perfectly catches the signal built-in digital tuner in two modes: DVB-T2 and DVB-C. Very important today;
    • The ability to view files from a flash drive. At the same time, it’s great «eats» and understands quite a rare formats. For example, the same Samsung or Panasonic much understand only a few of the most popular file extensions. They say it’s something to do with licences for formats and global brands follow the rules, and little-known Chinese «want to lay down» on it. But I’m not sure.
    • Sound is a plus and a minus at the same time. On the one hand, the volume level is sufficient for viewing TV channels in the apartment one or two rooms. On the other hand, the bottom is clearly not enough, and to view modern fighters or fiction may not be enough, you need to split hairs with columns.
    • A lot of connectors, you can connect all at once without having to constantly switch. Two HDMI, you can use as a monitor for your computer.
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    • About the sound I already wrote above, on a strict four;
    • Bright blue led which illuminates in the «Readiness» Stand By. When you turn it off.


    Overall, I am very pleased. No need to overpay for these «as if» the Korean Samsung and Japanese Panasonic. Open secret: they, too, are made in China, only brands registered in other countries for solidity.

    Excellent Russian language in the menu without error.

    Included batteries for the remote, a trifle, but nice that the manufacturer cares. Still don’t understand why they all are still equipped with a coaster on the nightstand, not the rear mounts of the type VESA, which must be purchased separately for 300-700 rubles. Almost all of today hanging on the wall. The smaller size for the kitchen, bathroom or nursery.

    Before the USB stick is not used and is not hooked up, but recently needed when in the house there was a small child. I recommend to buy TVs Fusion, in terms of price/quality to get better is unlikely to succeed! Again, ordered on Aliexpress Tmall here with delivery from a warehouse in Moscow. If thrown on the main, then just type in the search box the word FUSION.