Fusion sport woman swimsuit for pool

Daughter regularly attends the pool. And when she started to grow out of your swimsuit, it was necessary to buy her a new swimsuit for grown-up girls of small stature. The pool needed is a continuous sport.

Particularly expensive point in taking too, was not – the daughter will grow out of it. And started to look. Naturally, I want to be what they already have girls in the group.

The contents

  1. Where to order
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

Where to order

Ordered on Aliexpress. Found several great deals with big discount. The main cost was from the seller a little more than 29 $, and discounted at 16$ here on this page of the official representative of the brand Anfilia on Aliexpress.

Focused, in principle, only on the appearance of the product. More like dark blue with pink accents.The reviews on this swimsuit was not. As for the size, I had to take the smallest of presents – It’s on the growth of 145 – 155 cm Daughter in 9 and a half years was 140 cm Well, a little big. The seller is, in fact, any growth and the size of the halo.

Took a chance and made the order about 2 weeks swimsuit was already in the mail. Free shipping. Was sending a small package with track track.


The bathing suit was neatly folded and Packed in a transparent bag. No marriage or flaw did not exist, although I thought, that maybe such a big discount.

Children figure bathing suit is perfect fit. The fabric is very dense, elasticity average. That is stretching, but not so very much. The color exactly matched the picture of the seller.

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Pleased with one feature – the bodice has a foam insert, retractable into the pockets. It is very convenient because only the emerging Breasts girls are not tightly covered, and not thrown sharply in the eye.

Design features such as the photo of the product. The straps are wide. Do not cut into the skin and not slide as close on the back. The bottom is shorts. The costume completely fits the shape, nothing anywhere bristling and well balanced.

Problems wide, to withstand high loads. Just perfect. Daughter liked, and like. What is the size of a little more – not even themselves, and it was noticeable. And for six months wear – growing up, it looks good. When wearing rubbing of the skin is totally absent, even in the wet.


For all the months daughter regularly visited the pool and, of course, a swimsuit many times washed. No chloride water or repeated washing and spin didn’t ruin the fabric, color, and stitching.

The General appearance of things left original. Colors are much more vibrant than in the photo. In General, I recommend this fusion women’s sport swimsuit. Let me remind you that ordered it on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend waterproof smart bracelet Onleny and such transparent waterproof backpack for the pool.