Furminators for long-haired dogs

Finally decided to order the slicker brush! Wool home very much, having from five animals molt begins. First dogs combed the usual slicker, and then a slicker brush.

Furminators will find things not visible to the slicker brush. This is a very cool thing, but doesn’t cost them much to get involved! Below I will write why. Took it on Aliexpress here.

Wool in the house became much smaller after using it. The slicker brush can be ordered in different sizes (even for cats), and you can also opt for fluffy or shorthaired dogs.

I bought a fluffy dog, is the largest size. I have d/W the Yakutian Laika and K/W the pooch, they weight 20-25kg. Ordered for 500 rubles.

And that’s when I first used it, it seemed to me that it works well only for short-haired dogs, and a fluffy dog, I do not notice a good effect.

After a while, at first tried to get a good slicker, and then a slicker brush, and then I saw the action of the slicker brush! It is very well pulls out the undercoat. Dogs is combing very much, although my second dog used to hate those different devices.

So why not get involved in the furminators?

Furminators very cool, but not for every day. It will be great if you use it once a week.

Personally, we have, after repeated use 3-4 days in a row, long-haired dog was sometimes not particularly beautiful. Wool on it became less the norm, I think, and when so often comb a slicker brush — it’s so shabby.

On short-haired dog such did not see. Perhaps this phenomenon only for fluffy dogs. Sometimes it seems that it cuts out the undercoat, but I can’t confidently say about it.

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The result: a cool thing, definitely order! And the house will be cleaner, and the dog will be easier. Very well removes excess undercoat, but don’t overdo it! Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.