Frog Data — 8-bit console — a copy of the Dandy

I want my husband to pamper and indulge again in childhood and ordered on the website Aliexpress 8 Bit game console Data Frog — a copy of the Dendy. 620 anticipated games on the console Dandy, which we played in our 90th year.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Joysticks
  3. Connection
  4. Game
  5. Opinion
  6. Video

Where to buy

Custom-made here 13 December 2018 and already 30.12.2018 year I got the SMS that soon you will be contacted by the courier. In 18 hours the console was already in my arms. The seller was communicative girl, order was sent on the day of payment. All very quickly. After some time, track to track, and you could see where is the parcel. The console cost me $ 14.

The package was a small, nepamatuju box. There were 2 remote controls (wireless, through Bluetooth) usb console brand data frog (small stick), lanyard, manual, and even got a small gift stand. It was carefully enclosed in the package with the «papername». For the delivery to the courier, I paid nothing, very prompt and pleasant gift for the New year.


Consoles have wireless Data Frog, mizinchikov batteries. In each unit of 3 PCs the Distance is 10 m. Catch the signal perfectly, absolutely no complaints. Very comfortable to sit away from the TV in a chair and play. You are no cords. On each panel painted figure of a priority (I and II). Second I can’t change the game, and pause to press can.

Well, what is there on the official page Data Frog Ali here you can order the joysticks for replacement, because we all love while gambling with all his strength to press the button, and some even can throw against the wall out of anger in the event of an unfortunate loss.

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Connecting the console (flash games) I was faced with a problem. As it says in the manual I have is not working. Insert the flash drive into the USB connector, to connect the plug and insert into the TV and the AV connectors (red, white and yellow). Having done all this I have not earned. Well we lay the adapter — «Tulip». Connect it as additional cord – it worked.

Checked on 2 TVs (Samsung and Bosch). Everything is similar. Read that before you enable and you need to recharge the console. It perfectly connects to regular telephone charge. It’s good that not some kind of charging, and a standard power supply. In which case — replace no problems.


The variety of games is great — 620 PCs, switch immediately tens. We played in childhood, found the Counter, Chip and Dale, Mario, gold Miner, Bomberman, battle city, Ninja Turtles, Robocop, Tiny Tone, the jungle Book, Circus, Snake, PAC man, a lot of races on cars, motorcycles.

So many different fights, action, Sea battle, tennis and many others. Very sorry that did not fall for Adams, a Black cloak, Flinstones, Restaurant panic, not found as Aladdin, ducktales and most of the games in which «was cut» in childhood.

If you do not want to pay more, you can just buy a wired Xeox joystick or gamepad-type SEGA, to download to your computer the emulator Dandy already with games and play with computer. But still, this is a little something. Much more the atmosphere of those years the 90s only sends full 8-bit console for the TV))

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The batteries hold a long time. Buttons are located conveniently, generally remote to hold in hand very comfortable. On the TV is a 32 inch image quality good can be said. Everything is clear and very bright. In General, the quality of the toy was satisfied. We are, right back in our childhood. Thank you for such a toy seller. Again, here is the link to the official representative of the manufacturer Data Frog on Aliexpress.