We all try to improve the way of life at home, but it’s all worth the money. Buying goods for the house on Aliexpress from China or from warehouses in Russia, we can sometimes save a lot.

Here are reviews of home goods from China from real buyers. It can be household appliances, kitchen accessories, electrics, things for a bedroom, lamps, something from goods for a garden and a kitchen garden and even pictures, statues and mirrors.

Why are only related clocks, mosaics for flooring and… carpets.

And, as always, reviews are given only by those users who have already bought and tested a certain product for a while. This is already equips their home life and can be used by you.

It is worth noting that many of the goods for the home, bought on Aliexpress, sometimes delivered not from China, and from the nearest warehouse in Russia. This is especially true of large items.

Arrange your home life wisely and economically with our reviews and Aliexpress!