For charging batteries and 2 batteries for TELESIN GoPro Hero

After buying an action camera GoPro Hero 7 and a few test shots of trips, it became clear that not enough charge one battery. Very quick time, and you need to remove a lot of material.

On the road sometimes neither the time nor no place to put the camera on charge and wait. Because as many do, I decided to buy extra batteries and portable charging for them.

Of the less budget version got us this miniature charging with two batteries for GoPro Hero 7 brand TELESIN (also fits GoPro 5 and 6, below (2,3,4) — will not fit). Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

A small box of good quality plastic with two slots for batteries. There are also indicators that show a charged battery or not.

The red light means the battery is still charging. Green — battery is charged, ready to use. Batteries of good quality (if someone is afraid to use a cheap Chinese knockoff for the original GoPro), 100% compatible with the original manufacturer.

Included: two batteries TELESIN at 1220 mAh battery (100% brand new Li-ion batteries are high quality), the charger itself and the cable to it.

Each battery has a separate plastic box (to keep in a portable charging were not). Charging batteries without memory effect.

Charge the battery at home before the trip, then on the road have time to recharge in the car. The batteries are charged independently from each other into different slots, do not have 2 batteries to put.

On each slot at the charging TELESIN has its own indicator. High-quality and necessary purchase for anyone that shoots a lot on an action camera. Not a waste of 1560 roubles on Aliexpress. The shop gives a one year warranty. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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