Food processor Bosch MUM4855

I’ve been wanting to buy myself a food processor, but the prices in the stores was pretty scary. Finally, I bought him for his birthday and have not regretted.

Ordered via Aliexpress TMALL here on this page, came very quickly to the transport company just a week, just do not remember. The box was well Packed with no damage.

Equipment and capabilities

The composition of a food processor Bosch MUM4855 includes:

  • grinder;
  • bowl for 3,9 liters (quite large, very comfortable, secured at the bottom and not running;
  • glass knives for chopping (done smoothies, cocktails, fruit purees), cover it tight, and it opens a small hole to add any ingredients while working knives. If you remove the drive-mount with the bottom of the glass, you can put it in the fridge;
  • nozzle for kneading the dough;
  • beater — 2 PCs;
  • disc for chopping double-sided thin julienne and thick julienne strips;
  • disc for grating vegetables or fruits with a small grater;
  • disc for grating vegetables or fruit with a large grater;
  • cover for bowls, plastic;
  • head-press.

In the work

Chopper at food processor Bosch MUM4855 well, only the meat with the veins takes, they need to cut.

Shred very quickly. There are four speed. For each extension there is a special plastic stand, which has holes for mounting to the wall, which is very convenient, never lying and always clean. Every day use glass knives for preparing morning fruit milkshakes, fast and simple, and most importantly very easy to clean.

The mechanical harvester is pretty quiet, cord length is just on 220V. Happy with the purchase, suggest a Rating of 5 out of 5. Again, taking this food processor Bosch MUM4855 on Aliexpress Tmall here.

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