Food processor Bosch MUM

Before the New Year I decided to make a gift and to buy a food processor. I wanted something multifunctional to became an assistant in the kitchen cares. Found Ali in the store T-Mall model that suited me: Bosch MUM.

As a result, bought on Aliexpress Tmall on this page.

The set of this processor includes several blocks. Meat grinder, blender, mixer, grinder. Elegant package and «tasty» price 6200 rubles including of new year discounts did the trick and I made the order.

When making specified a delivery date — a week later, the processor was supposed to deliver to the door of my apartment, allegedly products have been purchased and are in stock in Russia.

I paid and waited. Delivery was a serious problem, my purchase, I received only three weeks later,after several calls to the company. What courier came without warning and did not call. Justified by the fact that due to holidays a lot of orders, but I think it’s disrespectful to the customer, is a fat minus. Although the shipping was free.

The contents

  1. The quality in the work
  2. Nozzles and gratings
  3. Protection of children and the bracket on the table
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

The quality in the work

Having finally obtained my package I carefully examined and tested within a few days. Speak with confidence — processor Bosch is great!

For its price simply gorgeous! The mixer knead the perfect dough, pies it produces air. Included several attachments, the hook for kneading dough beaters for whipping cream and protein.

Nozzles and gratings

Nozzles move on a planetary principle, and that’s definitely a plus. The block grinder is not very powerful, but enough for me. If you throw the pieces with the veins, have to clean often, keeps them on the knife. But I veins all cut out in advance.

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The harvester is made of thick plastic and a strange smell was missing.

All tips except the grid for grinder made of stainless steel. The grille should immediately wash and wipe, otherwise you will see rust, but it’s not a bad thing,quite the contrary. Well disciplinarum).

Protection of children and the bracket on the table

The whole machine is equipped with protection and locks, and nothing will fall during operation. There are suction cups, they hold tightly to the machine table surface. For nozzles of the chipper is the special stand, you can get it on the kitchen shelf and not worry that you will hurt yourself.

If you compare the description of the product in the store — there are some inconsistencies. The text there says that there is a block for the production of juice from citrus and paddle for mixing dough. But picking is already available. Apparently a text description drawn incorrectly. Want to see it edited and not mislead buyers.


The rest of its purchase I am very satisfied, so much time is freed for family,for yourself. Now no need to manually spend hours to chop vegetables or stand with the mixer for me that’s what makes a kitchen machine.

For the low price I got a true assistant,which hasn’t failed yet and I hope will serve our family for many years. Again, took on Aliexpress Tmall here.

From myself I can advise even Multipacker Redmond and a dryer for vegetables Tefal.