Folio case for the Lenovo tablet with stylus

My husband bought a used Lenovo tablet with crack on screen and chip on the body (kids cartoons to watch). Replaced the screen and decided to take a normal case for it (not to finish the case and it does not hit).

Chose a brown (probably the «type» of leather) case-book. Booked for 750 rubles, was going about 20 days. Came Mail of Russia in the entire package, no complaints to the seller no. Took here on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Quality and convenience
  2. Reliability and mounts
  3. Conclusion

Quality and convenience

According to the case. Good quality, half a year in operation — not «razletaetsya» as other cases that we bought here. The tablet is well supported, all the exits for cords, headphones are open. With books does not fall, fixed by Velcro on the inside (so that children are not going to dig it out and it won’t undo.

Convenient to fix your Lenovo in one location, put it on your Desk to watch movies or cartoons. The locking mechanism for delivery is also leather, but does not bend, does not fall.

Reliability and mounts

Something he just did — nothing shabby, not scratched, not bent. Well, it does the job: fell a few times, but the tablet remains inside (miracle!) a.

There is a bracket (with rubber) for the stylus. A gift from the seller received a small stylus, but don’t do it. Just be glad it’s there.

Water-repellent. Well, if a few drops will drop or shed something on a closed case, Yes, nothing will happen. However, the holes for charging and headphones on the side left open (or volume buttons), so try to take a bath just not worth it

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The speakers are not in closed tablet, do not disturb and don’t muffle the sound. Front and rear camera are also open, in case everything is provided for specific tablet models Lenovo (all models listed on the page from the seller).

Edges well stitched, smooth lines, threads do not stick out.


Good folio case for the Lenovo tablet for the money. We have such would cost much more. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. By the way, don’t forget to use cashback from EPNto reduce their expenses on the Internet!