Folio case for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Ordered in may of this year on the platform of Aliexpress wallet brand Pola for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, after six months of use I want to share experiences. Goods ordered from here.

In stock the seller offers four colors: black, brown, pink and red. The choice was made in favor of classic brown. Delivered surprisingly quickly, may 31 I placed an order and 7 June, has already received a parcel in the post office of the city of Tambov.

High resolution photos, feel free to click on them to enlarge:

Bought for discounted 17.74$, still 1.21$ had to pay for the delivery service ePaket. The main criterion of selection was to protect phone from damages (I’m a big fan of dropping an expensive thing) and functionality.

The contents

  1. Quality and convenience
  2. Dimensions
  3. Material
  4. Leather
  5. Zippers and fasteners
  6. Experience in the use of

Quality and convenience

The functionality of the wallet exceeded all my expectations! It has compartments for credit cards and business cards (outside the Department include 8 cards, in the interior of an additional 5), two compartments for bills (but you can put there anything, I, for example, in one of these offices carry a cloth for wiping the screen), and a pocket for little things, which, importantly, has a zipper.

This feature does not allow the coins to fall apart inside and scratch the expensive display. Still to perfectly fit headphones i7s — analogue Apple AirPods, only ten times cheaper.

Of the minuses – a lot of money will not enter there, and to get coins is not very convenient.

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The bumper for phone is made efficiently with all the necessary cut-outs and fixed within a magnetic holder. Does not fall, even if the shake design.

Most of all I liked the fact that unlike most similar products, here is a buffer with a smartphone is inside the wallet under lock and key, and is completely closed against the ingress of dirt, sand, water and other unpleasant things.


So the thing is pretty solid (h*W*t: 170mm*100mm*50mm), put it in his pocket and would have to carry her in my arms, but the manufacturer is provided. Includes ring for attaching to your belt, detachable wrist strap and adjustable leather insert that you can stick palm (regulated well enough and is suitable for a slim female hand, and for a wide male).

Also in the parcel, the seller put the pouch where you can store the case. However, despite a significant drop protection, tested for impact-resistance wallet was already in the first day – I flew from the height of the growth on the asphalt. When I’m shaking hands opened the lid, I saw absolutely a gadget. Subsequently, I dropped it many times, but because of the thickness and specific design features to break the machine has not yet been released.



The material of this product is Pola – leather, although in the product description on the website simply indicated «leather». However, the quality is pretty good, not very careful use, the surface had visible scratches, has not spread threads.

Zippers and fasteners

All zippers are metal, and secure fit without jamming. The only thing that hurt at the moment – chewed cat tongue outside of the castle, but protection from cats seller and are not guaranteed.

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Experience in the use of

Overall impressions are mostly positive. Necessary things are always at hand in one place and no longer have to juggle your phone Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE, wallet and business card case at the same time.

By the way, if in the outer compartment to put a magnetic card (for example, skipping work), it works perfectly on the turnstile through the cap (just enough to rest my case), without having to fiddle with the bag standing on the aisle.

In General, the price of the product Pola justifies the quality and ease of use. The seller and, in General, the model recommended, here is the link on Aliexpress. Well, if you love your smartphone and, especially, to remove from it high-quality video, then pay your attention to a stabilizer for shooting X-Cam, with it, your videos are just superior! Though it is often used with iPhones, more suitable still for Samsung.