Folding Mat puzzle Meitoku for children

When my daughter was a few months I began to learn info about the various mats for toddlers. Eyes of course just ran from a number of options. For me the main criteria was the floor insulation and the ability to quickly wash the Mat when needed, because the child is always unpredictable stains and dirt.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Appearance and usability

Where to buy

The choice I settled on the mats-the puzzles without inserts, ordered from a seller on Aliexpress Meitoku here on this page, chose the rating, because I didn’t want to run into a defective product. Besides from this seller at the time of purchase was the action.

For your set of 24 puzzles with a size of 30 by 30 centimeters I paid 1559,48. The price the seller outperforms all of its competitors. Shipping was declared free.

Protection seller for delivery was 60 days, but in the reviews many have written that the parcel arrives in less than a month. I live in St. Petersburg, and hoped that my purchase soon I will have. Apparently I am very «lucky» because after 60 days I never received, had to open a dispute with the seller.

The seller is responsible for a long time, as it appeared a month before, customs has deployed the package back, and the seller was aware of and has even received it. But for some reason did nothing until the dispute on my part. It was very disappointing to the seller.

Promised that the next day will send the product again. I was not convinced and got ready to demand a refund, but the product was monitored at all stages and arrived to me in two weeks.Took in the mail. The result — instead of the standard month of shipping this product I waited for 80 days.

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The product is Packed in a black package, the package is quite bulky, but lightweight. All the puzzles without Seminary and damage. Product quality is decent, not upset.Made of dense foam. When open there is an unpleasant smell.

I all the squares washed in a bath with soap and water, dry and it disappeared. Included to the actual puzzles are the sides, the seller gave me them for free, when you order on this question.

Appearance and usability

Color puzzles the Mat is foldable Meitoku pleasant, not hard on the eyes. All joints accurately to each other, the cracks between them almost none. Walking is a pleasure, not slip.

You can sit at them calmly, very warm, the child will not freeze when playing. All the Pets I have appreciated the soft floor. Water does not absorb, if something is spilled — immediately wipe and all, no problem. Also dirt can be with a cloth to calmly wipe. Ideal for a child’s room.

Quality of purchase at the end satisfied, but the service is, of course, «lame». Need the seller to work with clients. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

I recommend carry — chipset for the baby on the belt and instant non-contact thermometer Xiaomi iHealth, which generally have to be in the family with a small child up to ten years at least.