Fitness watch tracker TEZER TOP Smart

In 2018, I decided to buy a fitness bracelet. Previously well promonitorit the subject of them, sorted out the proposed functions. In principle, all those hours trackers the functionality is not much different from each other, so the thought that another Chinese gadget with AliExpress would be acceptable.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Key features
  4. Software
  5. Insights
  6. Video

Where to buy

Stopped their choice on the products TEZER. Model R5 pro. The reviews were positive, and external appearance and functionality too. The cost — within reason, only 18.70$. Here is the link on Aliexpress.

Pack, efficiently packaged, arrived in Minsk after 18 days, which is fast enough. (Usually parcels are an average of 21 — 24 days).


The tracker was Packed in the original box. The kit includes:

  • he functional unit;
  • straps — 2 pieces;
  • the charging device.
  • The user was not.

Assembly consisted of attaching the two straps to the ends of the housing. Planting them was quite dense, everything looks like a single unit. Fixation on the hand comfortable. Latch metal part into the grooves with an interference fit, in the process of wear unbuttoned. The watch itself lungs; any lien is not felt.

The battery itself was a residual charge, so that was a possibility to view and configure the inherent features. The device can be worn on either hand.

Key features

The display tracker displays the following purposes:

  • current time;
  • date;
  • approximate battery life (visual);
  • the number of steps;
  • the number of burned feces;
  • traveled distance in km;
  • sleep time;
  • ambient temperature;
  • heart rhythm;
  • the amount of oxygen in the blood;
  • blood pressure.
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When connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth all data is synchronized by downloading the app FitCloud. You can connect via Android and iOS. No problems have arisen.

In colour there are 4 options. Took a black., but any suggestions with color, different from the block straps. Smart tracker works independently to three weeks. Charging a device through a usb port in 1 hour. Display color — monochrome. The sun not see very clearly, I would like brighter.


To download a program FitCloud allowed to get on the smartphone statistics on previously cleared indications. It is possible to view the statistics of all indicators for the week and the months, to compare the daily results. Handy feature the vibrating alert on hand in case a call when the phone is located remotely (up to 7 meters). The vibration is clear and visible. Setting programs on individual performance.


Bought tracker TEZER TOP Smart Model R5 pro fully meets all the parameters described by the manufacturer and seller. New models of this manufacturer have a more advanced functionality.

The ratio quality/price, this gadget even surpasses some of the more well-known brands. Again, bought here on Aliexpress. I can still recommend to pay attention to the full-size sports watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. And MP3 player for sports and swimming in the pool.