Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Sports require not only time and effort, but also a variety of stimulation in the form of symbolic attributes, one of which was for me a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

After patient selection among many seemingly similar models of different brands, I settled on Xiaomi Mi Band2 – the representative of the 2nd generation of fitness trackers from reliable Chinese brand.

I have purchased products of the brand, Xiaomi and was always happy with the quality, and now to smart scales and even a smart watch!)

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  • Shipping, price and packaging

    Three weeks of waiting ended with the delivery of my bracelet from 26.99$ at a regular post office in Ukraine. I ordered the official representative for Ali here.

    Packed well, the box is white cardboard with the logo and an optional package with gift wristband and a protective film for the screen of capsules in load.

    In a box the capsule itself, a bracelet, a charger USB cable and of course manual, but all in Chinese.


    Loaded, installed MiFit from GooglPlay and activated the device search. The bracelet was found at once, synchronized and our cooperation started.

    • Of the most important benefits for me:
      OLED screen with splash-proof (IP67 standard);
    • the touchpad in button mode switching information;
    • hypoallergenic silicone bracelet with a safe clasp;
    • mount the capsule eliminates the loss or damage of the capsule;
    • bright and clear symbols on the screen;
    • quick konekt with a smartphone;
    • vibropower when there is an incoming call, message, alarm;
    • stylish design, a combination of matte material of the bracelet and gloss of the screen.
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    The disadvantages include a relatively short charge time is 20 days and is not always triggered sensor twist of the wrist activates the screen similar to clicking the button.

    Calories account only the distance traveled, which is not very consistent with the combined training.

    Connection with a smartphone is done via Bluetooth (4.0+), then there is no way to leave the phone in the locker room and track inbound calls. If you need this feature, and I would like to and normally read SMS, talking on a smart watch, on the phone, I can advise the model Xiaomi Amazfit 2 (Bip), there is much more functions, but they are more expensive.

    Unfortunately, the «smart alarm clock», works just like an alarm clock, but there is hope for the updates and speedy recovery this a good solution for easy revival.

    Price. There are prices lower, and the gadgets are not bad… for example, there is such Exelvan i5 Plus.

    By itself, the bracelet is a modest accessory, but in conjunction with the MiFit app on the smartphone is becoming more interesting in terms of content. You can monitor the activity by day and phases of slow and fast sleep a night, to calculate elapsed during the day, calories, number of steps and a variety of other useful data.

    For the month of using the bracelet did not feel the inconvenience of the capsule is seated firmly, triggered by the button clear, vibrates strongly, even if the phone in the bag or under the pillow.

    I recommend to buy as an additional control – even a little box on the screen about achieving the desired goals is not just provoked me into an extra walk or even a jog.

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