Fitness bracelet Smart Band Hembeer

Fitness bracelet was bought on Aliexpress for 12 euros (Link to seller). Order to Riga came regular mail and quite fast, less than 2 weeks. It was Packed in a cardboard box with a foam liner, there was enclosed user manual.

Smart bracelet Smart Band Hembeer paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth to work you need to download in Play Market free app «Lefun health.»

Running the application on the smartphone screen you can see not only the duplication of information from the display, but also statistics for the time use.

The bracelet itself looks modern and tidy, the arm sits comfortably, silicone strap is adjustable within wide limits. The screen is bright and clear, the information on it is understandable.

The display modes are changed by pressing touch buttons: current date and time, the counter steps for the current day, distance traveled, calories burned, pulse, blood pressure, SPO2.

In addition, there is a search function of the phone and vibrate when you receive a call or message. Charging the bracelet is sufficient to plug the end part into the USB connector on the computer, the charge lasts at least a week.

Unfortunately, the bracelet Hembeer there are drawbacks:

  1. First, the connection with the smartphone is sometimes lost, and in this case it is necessary to manually restore and synchronize your data.
  2. Secondly, just after 2 weeks of use the display went missing a few pixels.

Again, taking on Ali here.

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