Fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band 4

At the time of purchase the model Huawei Honor Band 4 price was 34$ (~R. 2220), now you can grab a discount of 30-31$ (~$2000). Delivered by regular mail. Delivery time of 19 days to Ryazan.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Version Black
  3. Straps and screen
  4. The connection and function
  5. App
  6. Personal opinion, and unlike Xiaomi
  7. Video

Where to buy

Took on Aliexpress here from this seller. He has a lot of sales and positive reviews, just sends the original!

Supplied: Box of high quality cardboard, the fitness tracker, a charger with detachable cable and manual.

The size of the tracker 43 mm x 17.2 mm x 11.5 mm (without bracelet). Strap 126 mm and 95 mm . Weight 23g.

Version Black

Case tracker Honor Band 4 is made of black plastic with no sharp edges. There are other colors options: pink and dark blue, the strap can be found, and other colors (red, green, white). Moisture — can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

The supplied strap is made from hypoallergenic silicone are pleasant to the touch and covered with embossed texture in the form of straight lines.

Straps and screen

There is the possibility of replacing the straps, you need to remove the latch from the inner side of the case tracker. In my opinion, the method of attachment of the strap is not very reliable, but over time active use has never been a hint that the band may detach from the tracker. Clasp is made of plastic.

The front side of the case is a color AMOLED screen diagonal of 0.95 inches. And touch key in the form of a circle.

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On the inner side is a standard window pulse sensor and a pad for the charger.

The connection and function

To link tracker Honor Band, the fourth generation smartphone required bluetooth v 4.0 or higher. App for smartphone — Huawei health. The minimum version of android 4.4, iOS 8.0.

The feature set is standard for fitness trackers:

  • pedometer,
  • heart rate monitor
  • constant monitoring of heart rhythm during exercise,
  • tracking the phases of sleep
  • stopwatch,
  • the timer
  • smart alarm clock
  • a reminder about the activity.

As smart bracelet Honor Band 4 displays the weather, incoming messages (not only SMS, but notification from Facebook or WhatsApp, etc.), the name of the caller. There is a possibility right to cancel the incoming call. There is a search function of the phone.

In the tracker Huawei 4 built-in dial, the new cannot be added. Dial displays time, steps, weather, battery level, pairing with the phone, the date and day of the week. You can choose from three levels of brightness of the backlight.


To get the full functionality of a fitness tracker, you must associate it with the app «Huawei health«. There are configurable alarms, number of steps towards a daily goal, displays workout, daily activity, weight control, heart rate and sleep, calories burned.

Personal opinion, and unlike Xiaomi


The bracelet is used by more than 4 months, Charged approximately every 2 weeks (depends on activity).

Subjectively, it is better than its competitor from Xiaomi. Sits comfortable on the hand, the weight is almost not felt, for the clothing does not cling.

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Very well see the display in Sunny weather. A big plus is the presence of smart alarm clock, which is not Saami and the ability to see the caller name and to discourage incoming calls.

Pedometer works accurately due to the 6-position of the accelerometer against the four-position at Xiaomi. Bracelet calm can withstand swimming in the pool, checked many times.

In conclusion, I want to say that the Huawei honor bracelet, Band 4 worth every ruble. Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend sports headphones Bluedio Ai and smart scales, Xiaomi Mi.