Figures of wild animals

My son likes to play with figures of various quadrupeds. Animal farm had grown to respectable size, but the ranks of the wild animals while small. In order to replenish them, I decided to look at these toys on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Pros
  4. Cons
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

Finding a seller for a long time messed up and made an order in the store here on this page, where is the best rating. The set consists of 12 figures includes: Hippo, Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra, giraffe, tiger, elephant, lion, orangutan, two bears and a Panda.

At the time of purchase, the price was $ 11,35$.

Seller did not communicate, as it was not necessary. Track number to track. Free delivery and took just over a month.

Considering the price for some super quality I was hoping, and opinions too, was not. So we were ready to see what some don’t look like «mutants». But this set surprised me in a good way.

All the figurines are solid, made of hard rubberized material and have no foreign smell. The stitches from the cast is almost not noticeable. Animals is made quite realistic. Proportions and anatomy.

Painted is also quite plausible. Without flaws not to mention not all the figures turned out equally well. But first, about the merits.



The most realistic, in my opinion, it looks the elephant, the Panda and the Buffalo. The elephant was very similar. He has visible wrinkles on the ears and all the muscles on the body. The trunk is rough and with typical folds.

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Buffalo is just gorgeous. I like everything from the counter to the execution.

Panda is a cutie. Most likely transferred to the structure of fur, cute ears and eyes.


Giraffe overall it looks good, but he has very thin legs. What poor animal did not like and put it very problematic.

Tiger head and muzzle not quite tiger, but in my opinion, more like a dog. Painted from too unnatural (too bright).

The orangutan had no luck with the forelegs. They look like two sticks. This is a most unfortunate figure.


The rest of the animals is done just well without flaws.

Overall, a set I’m happy. Great value and quality. The small size of the figures, which is written in the reviews, I do not consider a disadvantage. They are fully consistent with the seller’s description.

Baby animals liked it and it all plays without exception.

I can recommend this kit and the store on Aliexpress, here is the link again. Still I can recommend a set of tools for a boy and designer Bela «Hulk» — the analogue of the Lego.