Fast charging Rock with three USB and screen

Charger – the device is relatively simple in structure, but very important for the «life» of the smartphone. Often, the exercises become the reason of occurrence of problems with batteries of smartphones.

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  1. Why
  2. Quality and delivery
  3. Convenience


Choosing a charger is a very important issue that should not be disregarded, especially if your charger has been lost or burned. Just go to a regular retail store and buy there exercises – boring and expensive. Good that we have such a marketplace like Aliexpress where the prices can make you happy.

Here I am, one day, I had to purchase a charger for your smartphone, because my inexplicably out of order. With a choice decided not to hurry, but to wait for discounts 11.11. The coming of that day I already knew what kind of charger should take. The choice fell on a company with a straightforward name «ROCK».

You may have already heard about it, and not in vain. This company produces really cool technique! Ranging from USB cords and ending with solar panels for charging mobile – they have everything and very good quality! My model: HKL-USB32.

Quality and delivery

Features: three USB ports output and the presence on the front panel led screen that shows current consumption and voltage drop, if such was noticed. On weekends indicators 3 ampere at 5 Volts.

To me the price is this «miracle» was released in 7.76$ considering the discount. Not so cheap, but if a charger with similar features to buy from us in retail, that it will cost you twice the price. Recall that for such broadcast saves is not worth it. For the chargers with a price below two dollars won’t even look!

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Shipping took about three weeks. Not very fast, but not expensive. I was pleased with. It was Packed in bubble pack and carton box excellent quality.

The box does not get crushed, and the charging block was completely intact. Here in these little things and shows the relation of the company to its customers! Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

The first thing I tested the unit at maximum current. As stated by the seller, each port capable of delivering up to 2.4 amps. I loaded the blocks into a single port, and protection work on the figure 3A. Worthy! Only this unit bear the load of 3.7 A. This is more than that stated by the seller!

In design I like this charging Rock liked it! All strictly and practical! Protection from water is not, and therefore did not check.


In practice, using them is a pleasure. Particularly pleased with the ability to monitor current consumption! A smartphone with a 2500 mA battery is charged at 1.5 hours.

Conclusion. The device is clearly worth the money! Firm «ROCK» (here’s a direct link to the official representative of the brand) worthy of your attention. If suddenly I ever have to buy anything else from the chargers, I will first turn to this firm.