Fashionable gown with hood and pockets

I bought this robe during one of the sales on Aliexpress for about 1100 rubles. With confidence I can say that my expectations were fully met. Goods delivery, to my surprise, was very quick (fourteen days).

Before proceeding to the description of the product says that the picture on the website is fully consistent with the seller on my questions were answered quickly and politely. Bought here:

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Now let us turn to the description of the product. As I said, the product fully met my expectations. The mantle is a rather fine quality, stitched seams, material is nice, plump and pleasant to the body tissue.

However the pockets are low and not secure, but nothing terrible. The product has smooth seams, no foreign smell, synthetic material, good quality.

As soon as he came (by the way, a huge plus in that gown brought me directly in Inbox), I decided to wash this «hoodie», and all went well (the product is not salinel, not deformed, etc.).

I will add that the fabric is elastic. Sweatshirt without a zipper (but in this case, there is a belt that can be tied), with large pockets. all the lines straight, everything stitched.

I can say that will do for autumn and summer, but if you live in hot places, you will experience discomfort, as in black on the sun is very hot, but I live in a region not too hot, so for me is fine.

You can, of course, to say such a disadvantage, as the vulnerability of holes for laces, if it gives you serious discomfort, then you can get a little something to cauterize.

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If you are very much worried as at the moment finding you gown will look your figure, you can say that looks very good — not tight and not hanging the bag.


The robe was packaged well in two layers, the second layer was even with a lock, so during transportation the goods are not received any damage. In General, everything is good, no odor, product size. Who cares what made this gown-plain synthetic. I’ll be honest — you can buy.