False hair barrette

I want to share a small opinion about overhead hair online store Aliexpress. On the website they are quite inexpensive at the time I bought them for$ 7 , with delivery problems were not , in Kazakhstan they came for 30 days in the center of the parcels. I ordered here.

At first glance the hair looks perfect, smooth, soft, smooth, have a natural Shine, they are separated by several strands of large and small size, convenient barrette.

The contents

  1. Reviews
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Video


Let us discuss positive and negative sides of hair extensions…



The pros of hair extensions:

  • they are fixed, and you can do it without any assistance;
  • and just as easily they can be removed;
  • looks very nice;
  • hair color, all the same, if not lost color;
  • mount strong (initially);
  • the separation was not visible;
  • these strands give a nice volume to your hair;
  • the use of such locks is well that they do not affect the structure of your hair do not damage or spoil them;
  • not heavy in grams;
  • do not confuse your native hair;
  • can be mounted both short and long hair;
  • you can cut, do not mind.



Now let’s talk about the cons:

  • if the wind blew, you could see fixing clips
  • if they mess up, then brush them will be very difficult, no comb will not take them
  • the head pain
  • hair smooth, becomes like a hardened paint
  • gets tough
  • changing the color appears dull
  • it is impossible to wash, it gets even worse
  • climb individual pieces of strands
  • becomes clearly visible separation between the real hair and artificial
  • they will not be able to boast of after 1 use
  • after a month of regular use, they can be thrown away
  • as the hair gradually falls out, because of this, the clips begin to bulge, and it looks ugly, spoils the whole beauty of your hair
  • pins twisted, broken, and can break at the most inopportune moment
  • it is impossible to paint
  • you cannot curl, straighten, cheat
  • collect high the tail will not work, because there will be visible mounting, and do other types of hairstyles , from inability
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As the cons win in this case, nothing terrible to say about artificial synthetic hair shop Aliexpress, I can’t! Ordered them here. But perhaps it is better to buy natural kanekalon braids in.