False eyelashes on magnets Shozy

I decided to order on Aliexpress eyelashes yourself custom magnets brand Shozy, took here on this page. There’s a lot of sales and reviews.

Purchase cost 2.05 S, the product came in a month.

The pros and cons

Start with the pros, because there are not so many:

The quality of the lashes are good, they look very impressive, their length and volume as close as possible to the natural mind on the positive aspects end.

Well, now reveal all the pitfalls of this product:

No special wide tweezers, independently, exactly to fix the eyelashes is impossible, you need to consider this fact and in addition to the order to buy it. The width of the tweezers should be at least 2 cm to all 3 magnet placed on the surface of the tweezers, otherwise the pin will not work.

Method of application verbally looks:

One cilium is composed of 2 parts, the direction of growth can be distinguished bottom and top. We catch part of the cilia on the sides of the tweezers, placed it between the lashes and close the tweezers. As a result, opposing magnets are captured and held on their own eyelash.


But even with such tweezers, false eyelashes extremely difficult to fix on its own. It took me more than 2 hours to cilia from the jar, «became my own.» After such agony, all the positive aspects of this product, lose their meaning.

If you do decide to buy them on Aliexpress, I recommend doing it through cashback EPN, will greatly save on all your purchases!

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