Fabric facial masks Bioaqua, Rorec, CAICUI

Now quite popular in different fabric masks and patches. Never used them, probably just lazy. In the store to buy is not interesting, so we decided to order several different on Aliexpress. The more of them there are many.

The store was on the principle that all «wishlist» to buy in one place. Seller InniFun HealthWorld Store did not communicate, here’s a direct link to it.

Shipping service ePacket took about two weeks to Moscow, was Packed in sealed, foil packets.

All information, with rare exception, written in hieroglyphs. So those who are not fluent in Chinese, you have to believe the description to the product on the merchant’s website.

For my experiment, I ordered 4 kinds. All names are taken from store on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Milk silk Bioaqua
  2. Spring, sea nutrient
  3. Bird’s nest, moisturizing from Rorec
  4. CAICUI: Aloe, algae, plant collagen, crystal

Milk silk Bioaqua

On the packaging the name of characters is duplicated in English and means «milk rejuvenation».

Price 1,17$ per share (in the mobile app is cheaper).

The seller promises that this mask moisturizes, brightens the skin and gives it a healthy appearance. Pleased that on the back of the packaging there is quite a clear pattern.

From this it is clear that it should apply to cleansed skin, hold 20 min and do not rinse after removal. I don’t know how looks milk silk, but this looks like a normal sheet mask. Only fluid in it, so that’s enough for a few uses. To go with this mask is problematic due to the strong impregnation it keeps on slipping.

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Everyone’s skin is different and the sensations are too individual, but I liked the mask. The face looks fresh and rested.

Spring, sea nutrient

Another «tissue» from a known brand Bioaqua. Price of 4.10$ for 5 pieces.

On the packaging there are few words in English, which means that the product moistens, tones and helps smooth. This mask is well saturated, but the shape is slightly different from the «milk» and thus, on the face of it falls better.

The instructions on the package missing. Discomfort or irritation Bioaqua not caused but little change after I use on my face is not noticed.

Bird’s nest, moisturizing from Rorec

Price 3,63$ for the party Rorec of 5 pieces.

The only inscription in English reads — «the bird’s nest, moisturizing». The composition for those who do not know the Chinese language, as in the rest of the masks remains a mystery. In item description there is information that it nourishes, moisturizes and whitens.

And in General, extract the nests of swallows (the so-called salanganes) among the five anti-aging components in cosmetology. This substance has a powerful lifting effect and stimulates skin regeneration.

Feelings are subjective, but this Rorec I did not like at all. The solution, which is impregnated with a sticky cloth. After applying felt the tightness.

CAICUI: Aloe, algae, plant collagen, crystal

Price of 8.27$ per lot CAICUI — 10 pieces. In English letters it is written — «aloe water moisturizing» .

The description on the website says that the mask reduces swelling, prevents aging, reduces dark circles, smoothes wrinkles and provides deep hydration.

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Instruction in the form of drawings on the packaging are present. Face tingling slightly, moisturizing effect is noticeable.

Conclusion and where to buy

Any miracles from using all these masks I certainly was not expecting. Bought and used rather for the sake of curiosity. Tried everything, can make conclusions:

  • you can order for diversity;
  • as the Express tool is the place to be;
  • hopes place is not worth it.

Bought all these Chinese brands Bioaqua, Rorec, CAICUI from one seller on Aliexpress from the seller store InniFun HealthWorld Store here at this link. I recommend this gel Holika Holika and this palette of shadows for eyes with Ali.