Eye patches ALIVER

The fashion for patches has captured the Internet, and I decided to try it too.

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Where to buy

Bought brand Aliver on Aliexpress here. The cost at the time of purchase of $5.41 and the shipping cost is $2.26.

Perhaps due to pay-delivery patches came 2 weeks before Aktobe, Kazakhstan. Country sender — Malaysia, the track was monitored fully.

Additional instructions to the patches were not, only the description on the product page. Stated that the product fights mimic wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.


Component of collagen mask: water, collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape extract (contains antioxidants to help prevent aging). On the face of the product is necessary to keep 10-20 minutes, as it dries.

Before use I recommend to clean the face hydrophilic oil Soonpure. Also not bad to massage electric brush JP’s face.

During transport the packaging was not damaged. The jar with the product was Packed in bubble wrap. There is also an additional cover and a special spatula.


The product itself has a pleasant scent, cools the skin. I can not say that he is struggling with facial wrinkles, but dark circles are visibly brightens.

Aliver of the minuses is worth noting that patches are displaced from the laid place due to heavy impregnation. After a couple of minutes the excess moisture evaporates. Also, adjusting the patches, they can tear the nail. Again, ordered on Aliexpress on this page.

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