External SSD disk drive, KingSpec Z3 USB 3.1 and USB Type-C

External solid state drive 512 GB KingSpec Z3 was bought on a well known trading platform Aliexpress here on this page at the official dealer Kingspan Ali.

At the time of order in mid-January 2019 the price was 4520 rubles (approximately $70). From China were sent by regular mail and came to Bryansk 2 weeks. The parcel was in the tight package received without damage.

External SSD KingSpec Packed in a bright red cardboard box. Inside in polystyrene cell of the disc itself, under it — a short cable and a manual in English and Chinese.

The contents

  1. Connection
  2. Speed
  3. Capacity
  4. Conclusion


The drive is compatible with USB 3.1 and USB type-C Cable included is very short, about 20 cm. Yes and the quality of the cord is disgusting. In my kit it was all faulty. Through it the SSD did not wish to communicate with the computer via USB 3, and USB 2.0 through times touch. Fortunately, I immediately bought a long cable with the same connectors and the drive was easy to fly!

The drive itself has a size of approximately 80х42х8 mm. i.e. more like a big flash drive, not hard disk. The built-in SSD of metal (probably aluminium), painted in bright red color. At one end of the USB type-C. During operation, under the cap blinking blue led.


The write speed of this external SSD KingSpec Z3 is good, more than a simple flash drive USB 2.0. Actually it turns out a value around 100 MB/s.

Reading above, but the actual speed can’t tell, because hard drive on the computer so fast you can’t write. KristalDisk gives the following test results:

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During operation the disk is significantly heated. Aluminum case this case works as a heat sink. Operating systems Windows 7, 8 is detected without problems and the driver installed automatically in seconds.


Conventionally, the capacity corresponds to the declared — 512,1 million bytes, which translates into gigabytes is around 476. So I write that only conditionally. Capacity is available to almost all. By default, the file system was FAT32, but I formatted in NTFS more convenient.


In General, the disk KingSpec Z3 work? / How long-lived will not know, because I use it as a backup external storage. Again, bought on Aliexpress here is the official. See also: external hard disk IT-CEO and docking station with USB 3.0 for HDD and SATS from Aliexpress.