External hard drive, IT-CEO

When I bought my mom a new modern TV, there was a question about buying an external hard drive. Everyone knows that on cable television, but not broadcast, sitting at home, watching TV spend time. I would also like to not watch everything, and what you want.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Real capacity
  3. In the work
  4. Video

Where to buy

The order was made on the website of Aliexpress here in the 20’s of may. External hard drive brand IT-CEO ordered a small – 320 GB, USB 3.0. Fun cost us about $ 30. The seller sent it on the 3rd day and unsubscribed immediately with thanks for purchase. Immediately asked to put 5 stars. The track was monitored and after 2 weeks came to Samara parcel. At mail no charge not requested, since the shipping was free.

The product was in the courier package, a small and very battered box. Thought it’s all broken. Inside the disc was carefully wrapped «with some bubble wrap». I think it’s our mail refers to parcels. Lay in cover made of leatherette, which wears out almost a week. Taking out the disk checking (from throwing off the film) it went great on the TV.

Real capacity

The promise of 320 GB was 298 GB, but as far as I know, it takes a little extra space and it was stated from the seller. Complete with external media was a small cord to USB 3.0.

In the work

Works silently, though, if you put your hand, you can hear the vibration. Very irritating poisonous blue led that is constantly lit. When you copy a movie and it still flashes.

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Case as described the metal aluminum. The storage size of 7.65 cm by 12 cm is Very pleasant to look at, without Chinese smell.

The colors were different, but we ordered black, it came. It is said that it is water resistant, but we have not tested.

On one side of the lace a USB input, another unusual input if a lace breaks, I find this to be difficult. Information from the computer to the disk is thrown off pretty quickly. The warranty on the page of the seller specified 3 years. In General was satisfied with the purchase, my mom’s watching movies and shows you want, without advertising and at any time.

Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress on this page.

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