External battery Romoss

I recently realized that the battery of my phone soon — too quickly it is discharged. Spare parts for my Chinese, hard to find, the service centers are not fix, so I decided to buy a power bank.

About the brand the external battery I didn’t hesitate for a second because repeatedly used power bank Romoss brand brother. Only here it is, in my opinion, too heavy for high capacity (20000 mAh).

I climbed in TMall and found exactly the same, just for 10400 mah and ordered a thousand rubles here on this page (although I could wait a few days appeared discount and it was worth 750 rubles). I took him from Moscow to Ulyanovsk for 5 days although normally goods from TMall go for long.

Power Bank Romoss came charged at 76% and with scratches on the panel. I don’t know, maybe I used/sold?:) Complete with short wire.
It looks beautiful, with a digital panel charge. There are two USB inputs. One 1 A and the second at 2.1 amps.

I use this external battery Romos about three months, during which time there were no problems. It quickly charges the phone, I have enough capacity on three charges of phone. But! He is being charged for a long time. I usually put it on charge over night, at nine o’clock in the morning (seven o’clock) it is fully charged.

All the advice, in my opinion, is one of the best Power Bank from Aliexpress! Can still recommend the Xiaomi power Bank and fast charging Rock.

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