External battery Remax in the form of a cassette

In the 21st century powerbank — a necessary thing. Poyuzat and throwing for a few months a few inexpensive store-bought copies, I began to look for a new on Aliexpress based on the number of positive reviews. Options given the magnitude of the trading platform, there were many, and the soul of the old music fan, when I see the tapes surrendered immediately.

Paying $10.70 here for power bank Remax, I waited.

Using the standard month the parcel was from me. Shipping is free. Get things ready in the foam, so the box came with no cracks.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Specifications
  3. Insights


Box size external battery pack — slightly larger than the standard reel table, in this trichilemmomas the difference is hiding the bundled USB cord.

Remax looks like a tape really looks like, and the sizes match. Plastic tactilely pleasing non-slippery, plus there is a notch.

Under one of the stylized screws magazine hides the button that shows the battery charge level (4 LEDs).

Both ports have a power bank (input and output) located on one end near.

Included is a microUSB cable black color. It is a short, 10 inches, but this is hardly a drawback. If necessary, you can use your own cord of any length, I guess now no one is no problem. And the short cable first, fit comfortably in the box, and, secondly, gives the chance to show off an unusual battery.

Without box Remax will be appropriate even in a shirt pocket — it’s not heavy and flat.


The seller stated the capacity of this power bank 4000 mAh, I think the information is correct. In my phone the battery is 2300, when charging from 50 to 100% powerbank loses only one of the four display points.

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The output current of 2.1 A too, I think, is true — was carried out the samples on the Samsung having the option of quick charging. If your phone is deprived of this possibility — the rate of recharge will be the same as from all other sources.

Full charging takes about 2.5 hours.



Remax has taken its rightful place in my backpack and from time to time helps me and my friends patawatomi fed from the power bank. Cons I have not found. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Recommend still unit high-speed charging Rock and magnetic USB wire to charge.