External battery Pineng PN-963 10000 mAh — review

In the summer the need arose to purchase an external charger. Not only that, on vacation I often had to run around looking for sockets, and then to stand to it «tied» was at times wildly uncomfortable. So now also expected frequent travel, so long without hesitation, I decided to order on aliexpress portable battery charger, and have not regretted.

Power bank Pineng PN-963 10000 mAh – small and stylish, easy to fit even in a small handbag. There are 2 USB output 2.1 A and 1.0 A, which allows you to simultaneously charge 2 devices. 2.1 A for any of the standard gadgets, including supporting the regime of «fast charging».

Capacity portable battery is enough for 3-4 charging the phone Xiaomi Mi Max 2, not much heated. Those who often find themselves without the ability to charge your smartphone or tablet, you will understand how convenient it is.

Charges your phone or tablet speed as a normal charger. Another plus of this device is the presence of electronic panels with information about the charge level. My husband and I use it from time to time, so we need to see how much of a charge still in the battery.

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So, the manufacturer Pineng officially declares us the following parameters:

  • 10 ampere hours;
  • Voltage: 5 Volts +-10%;
  • Working current: charge load: 2.1 and 1.0 Amp;
  • Maximum capacity — 10000 miles upercase;
  • Weight — 227 grams, thickness 14.5 mm., height 71 mm width — 145 mm.;
  • Available in two colors: grey and red (like me) and elegant white.
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Bought for$ 15 and shipping I was pleasantly surprised just after 5 days since the order, the courier brought home (although I ordered a simple delivery). It was Packed in bubble wrap, the package was just a cord for charging, power adapter not included. I take almost six months, no complaints. The link to the product here:


By the way, if you want to charge without a network, you can look at here be powerbank Suoyang solar batterywhich can be charged just from the sun! Whether in tents in the summer, travel, country houses, in the car again, you can put under the rear glass as a spare.

Better to see once, than hundred times to hear or read! Below is a detailed video review from unpacking to literacy in use. The video is not mine, as I are not able to remove and very camera shy: