External battery pack Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C

Portable external batteries are among the most popular accessories for mobile phones, because they allow you to forget about the weakness of modern smartphones — battery life.

Firm Xiaomi has established itself as a very good manufacturer so-called power Bank s. Their products are always high quality, reliable, meets the stated specifications.

Today on review — Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C. He was ordered on AliExpress in the store Tmall ( in 1667 rubles, delivered by courier service DPD to cheats for ten days. You can also take the original and official representative on the Aliexpress shipping worldwide here.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Appearance
  3. The machine at work
  4. Summary and conclusions
  5. Video


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank comes in box 2C white color of a nice touch of cardboard. In the box we are greeted myself a portable battery, wire USB Type A-Micro USB length 34 cm, and user manual. In a word, nothing more.


Device company Xiaomi has always distinguished minimalistic design. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C is a tightly assembled «brick» of white color (unlike other batteries of the same manufacturer, the choice of colors is limited to white). Front logo emblazoned Mi, on the upper side is equipped with two USB Type A, one Micro USB and 4 LED bulbs on the bottom characteristics.

The machine at work

The same battery has the largest capacity among all the products from this company — 20000 mA (real capacity is about 14000 mA). This allows to forget about charging for a week with moderate use. Charging from 0 to 100% takes about 8 hours.

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Its main task Power Bank copes. To replenish the charge of a smartphone battery’s capacity is equal to 3300 mAh (Xiaomi Redmi 5) takes 1 hour 20 minutes (without Quick Charge). Has function of lowering voltage for charging devices with small batteries (wireless headphones, bracelets, smart watches, etc.)

Summary and conclusions

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C — good device for small money. Something close to this camera in terms of price-quality is almost impossible to find. The only thing you may not like this gadget — heavy (358 g.), but it is only one minor negative on the background of the huge number of advantages. In one sentence it can be described as — an indispensable thing for all occasions.

Thus, if you are from Russia, I recommend to take on Tmall on this page. Will and fast shipping from warehouses in the Russian Federation and local warranty. For shipping in other countries need to take the official representative of the brand, Xiaomi on Aliexpress here.

Still I can recommend wireless charging for car Baseus Qi and magnetic wire for charging any smartphones with Android and iOS.