Excelvan smart bracelet I5 plus — style and convenience!

In our everyday life are becoming the new device to see before that was only possible in science fiction films. Many consider them a fad or «just show off», but when I start to use sometimes no longer imagine life without these devices. Such gadgets can easily be considered a smart watch.


Long wanted to buy a smart bracelet (or smart watches — whatever you like). My choice fell on the model Excelvan I5 plus for quite a reasonable price and multiple functions of the device. Bought for 16.99 $ on Aliexpress here, shipping to Moldova free, was sending about a month.

The watch itself is black in color, lightweight, made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), sit well on the hand, do not RUB, do not pull the skin, comfortable to wear. The device is adjustable at the wrist with plenty of holes. Themselves rivets are metal, they are fully – bracelet unhooks and does not cling to clothes.


Looks very neat and stylish. Figures showing the time, clearly visible, are beautifully lit with bluish light.

The bracelet is activated with a single tap of the screen or turn of the wrist itself, charged by USB.

To use additional functions and communication with the phone, you must install the program from the app store.

About the functions:

  • the bracelet measures the number of steps and displays distance traveled. I’m not God, what an athlete – so this option almost never use;
  • further, conveniently, the bracelet duplicate notifications on the phone (calls, SMSes, alarm);
  • shows the approximate number of calories burned during the walk;
  • has a monitoring function of sleep;
  • about water resistance not tested – on the website warning that swimming and showering under the shower in it. Probably the most will withstand a light rain. If you need a high waterproof level IP68, I can recommend you Xiaomi Amazfit is a full — fledged smart watch.
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In addition to the time on the screen of the bracelet you can see the date, day of the week and icon of the presence or absence of communication with the phone.

When battery power drops less than 50% digital panel bracelet vibrates significantly, pouzivam. Charged once in three days.

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Overall happy with the purchase. Very useful to feel the vibration when receiving a call or SMS when you are in a noisy place or driving. Control over the burning of calories will be useful for athletes and dieters.

But the control of sleep — is generally a useful feature: you can set to Wake in a certain range of time and they will Wake when end REM sleep and is the most optimal time for waking up.

The style will undoubtedly attract the attention of others. This is the rare case when you can and to the strict dress and sports clothes to wear. Now planning to buy a smart watch and for your child.

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Style with a side


A comparison with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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