Essager magnetic micro USB cable

Not so long ago, my mom started having a problem, her smartphone Samsunnng Galaxy 2 started to not charge «That is charged there» — she complained. After some time the phone stopped charging altogether.

Mom was terribly used to the phone and very upset, decided to fix it. Gave to the master, he said that just sealed connector, fix took 20 minutes, but warned that more with the power charging cord from the phone, not pulled out. But habit is habit.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Connector options
  3. Quality charging

Where to buy

I had to find a way out, and Aliexpress and I found it quite quickly – detachable cord with micro USB connector on the magnet. Works very simply, once inserted the connector into the phone, and it has a magnet attached cord. The photo shows the mount.

Cost of goods 3.68 USD. Shipping took about a month, given that it occurred during the Christmas holidays, not so long. Ordered wire brand Essager Ali here.

Connector options

From the seller official brand Essager there are three options for magnetic circuits:

  • micro USB (my version);
  • USB Type-C (USB-C);
  • 8 pin for iPhone and iPad.

The cord came in a standard mail package, and inside was the package with standard advertising booklet ( put us 5 stars, we are good) and the cord is neatly tied with a rubber band (see photo).

Quality charging

About the cord. Ordered a length of 1 meter in the embodiment of the micro USB type C white color, but actually lace silver rather. There are options for iPhone, with magnet, length 1 and 2 meters, in black and white. The cord fabric braid flexible, so it will last long enough. Two meters seemed to me personally much.

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Connector is inserted into the phone easily (see photo). Holding up well, so definitely not lose. The magnet is very strong, sometimes even the plug is removed from the phone, but it’s not terrible, but the cord falls off. Charge cord is OK, mini-ammeter shows a steady current of 1.5 ampere. On the cord there is a backlight in the form of a green led.

In General, to purchase recommend, a very useful thing! Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page.

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