Ergo, the Manduca backpack for carrying baby

When the family appears kid, it’s always happiness, and various problems and costs. Has become popular recently backpacks for transfer of the «Kangaroo» undoubtedly has a great help to parents, freeing his hands.

But in regular shops, they are not very cheap, however you can always buy even very high quality branded stuff on the Internet, often directly from the manufacturers.


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Want to leave a review about this indispensable, in my opinion, things for mom, like the ergo the backpack. On the website Aliexpress (here) I bought a bag Manduca. And not the least bit sorry.

Before buying a very long time studying, which is better, what should be the functions of a backpack, and studied from what age possible to wear baby in the ergo backpack. The choice has stopped on this product.

The first thing I put a plus is tailoring. A bit of the thread sticking out, but not critical. Themselves stitching are stitched well.

The second landing of the child in the backpack. I chose this backpack, which can put the child at birth. Because the baby is not sitting, and to put it anyhow impossible. In the ergo the backpack the child sits in the so-called M-position. That is butt a bit slack, and his knees just above the priests.

Savvy moms choose these backpacks.

Third , convenience of adjustment straps. Then I was faced with a not very pleasant surprise. To adjust the straps from sitting inside the backpack a child, very difficult. I’m dealing only with the help of her husband. Don’t know whether it’s only counterpart in China, or the original the same story.

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Fourth – safety. Speaking about belts, I liked the fact that the belt is a safety moment. Open fastex belt, it is possible only by pressing a safety button additional. That is, push the two sides of the carabiner, and an additional button. In addition, on the belt, there is still a safety tape, which put a carabiner, and accidental unfastening of the fastex belt are gone and the baby will not fall.

Fifth – of course reviews. I chose the product for reviews on the website Aliexpress and the reviews about the original. In most cases, the reviews were good.

In addition, I liked the fact that adjustable height backrest. When the child grows up, you can unzip the zipper on the back, and it gets higher.

The order came in 3 weeks. Like most products from China. It was my backpack in the mail. The smell was not.
Overall I am pleased with the product and can recommend it to purchase.

To see the backpack and the price on Aliexpress >>


Video instruction

How to use and correctly zip up the straps you can see from the video below: