Erasable gel pen Refill 0.5 and ink for it

Hello again, this time going to write about a recently purchased set of Erasable gel pens (pen-Sciacca) and special ink for it with ball diameter of 0.5 mm, company Refill. I assure you that it is very good and worth the money acquisition, as if you are a student or a student, then this is extremely you need.

Personally, I to College, they were needed for neat and tidy reference of the notebook. As for the usual brand of pens, there may be blots, blots and other such troubles in your notebook. But this pen can help you to solve these problems.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and which one is better
  2. The quality and color
  3. Opinion

Where to buy and which one is better

But there is one thing. To select these handles, you need to approach the matter carefully. Since there are only erasable pens in three colors: blue, black and purple. From my own experience, when you select this order, I want to inform that some sellers who have an order with a logo of «Erasable gel pen» has a picture of four colors of these handles, for example: Orange, dark blue, black, blue.

You need to take ONLY blue or black. As some sellers forget to specify in the description of their product that some of the handles are not erased! The first time I ordered, then came across this.

Book now only here on this page on Aliexpress.

The quality and color

The pen Refill has a brand (If you buy the blue version) bright blue color. The handle is quite beautiful, has an attractive Chinese characters on the side. Very convenient to be in the hand, pleasant to hold. Of the downsides of this gum (the gum that erases ink) quickly tries. About 20 rods of the ink.

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Now let’s turn to the ink. If you are going to buy this pen, does not matter where on AliExpress or somewhere in some office supply stores, you should know that this pen running out of ink VERY quickly. Since their structure is much more fluid than regular gel pens (This is due to the fact that the only way they can be erased). So be sure to handle need to buy at least 10 bars of ink. Order them from wholesale on Aliexpress here.

If you are a pupil or student, and write continuously, approximately From 9.00 to 15.00 (Or roughly the same amount of time), then one ink for this pen you will last literally for two weeks.


I want to say that I bought these pens and Refill ink (paste) separately, but from one seller. They came with a wrapped saltanovoj the film and in the package. They go, I want to assure, for a long time (Not the first time ordering), although the seller sends them quickly, so they need to pre-book. Pen and ink must be ordered only in bulk (10 pens for$ 5, 20 ink for 3.3$).

Ali often discounts, so if there is some time to wait, you can buy a handle for 3.5$, and ink for 2.5$. Again let me remind you that pen and ink is from the same customer. However, it also sells pens in different colors, but erasable only for blue and black, just like ink.

As for me it is a cool thing to gift to a friend (If the student or the student), because it will allow him to do less smudges, blots, and many other errors. Though it seems to mean: «Why do I need this pen?», but after you even in the draft, you will write it. Recommend.

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Again, bought here on Ali. Can you recommend a roller cutter for paper and interesting black notebook. But the latter is only for girls who love to make interesting drawings and notes with colored pastes.