Engraver Goxawee — mini drill

Recently, I bought on Aliexpress a drill-engraver Goxawee for 2700 rubles.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The appointment and grade
  3. In the work
  4. Summary
  5. Video

Where to buy

Came the engraver very quickly, just a week from the warehouse of the Russian Federation, the seller took care of the ordering was traced, upon receipt of the product box was undamaged, Packed very well.

Ordered the brand Goxawee here on this official page, because they make very high quality stuff and will be ordering many many times.

Bought this engraver is not the first time, the first time I ordered he was very pleased with this gift, during the operation he had no complaint. The second time I ordered for myself, I’m doing jewelry.

The appointment and grade

Mini drill is suitable for grinding, milling, cutting metal and wood, deburring and much more…

The set is rich enough, pleased with the fact that it comes with a Flex shaft — which further simplifies the work of the engraver.

The set includes 120 tools: circular saws, cutting discs for metal, wood, discs, shafts for grinding metal, wood, a lot of tips, wheels for polishing, drill bits and so on…

In the work

The engraver 5 speed, power: 130V, idle — up to 30000 rpm.

That disappointed me is the short cord, the length of which is only half a meter.

I advise everyone to take the goods along with the briefcase, of course have to pay ($600), but all the small details, especially important for the maintenance of the device is not confused.

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At the rear of the mini drills Goxawee has a hook for hanging tool and extra brushes, because the motor commutator (brush). Included are the key combined with a screwdriver, brake for the flexible shaft.

At work mini drill Goxawee a little noise, but it of course felt a little vibration.

Special attention is to be given a flexible shaft. The shaft feels in your hand is very easy, especially it helps when the machine you need to bring a flat object or detail is not a very convenient location, but the quality of the flexible shaft leaves much to be desired.


For home use our Chinese friend — Goxawee, will fit just right. Of course, it does have limitations accessories, but the same high-quality accessories can be found on the same Aliexpress sellers offering a huge number of them. Again, bought here at the official representative of the brand Goxawee Ali.

Also, can you recommend a universal screwdriver Philips 00 and a good ring Led lamp Yingnuost for high-quality workplace lighting, table.