End-to-end search (crosspost) of goods in Chinese shops

At the end of 2016 the best cashback service EPN launches with no analogues through product search.

The contents

  1. What it is
  2. How to use
  3. The feeling of use
  4. Cons
  5. Summary

What it is

This is a new search engine that allows you to search for products and compare them on price, not only inside the venue Aliexpress, and other large Chinese shops, allowing you to find the best price.

In addition, some rare positions items just can not be present in the sale of Ali, but they will be in BangGood or GearBest.

Previously, you had to independently go to the website of each store you have to search the brand name or type of product. Now need for it anymore.

Go and try right now:

Crosspost in Chinese shops

How to use

To use this tool is very simple: just go to the page through the search to enter a query and press a single button «Find»:

At the moment the search is conducted in three stores: site Aliexpress, BangGood and GearBest, but the creators promise to constantly add to their number.

With the help of additional parameters it is possible to exclude a specific store from the issuance of:

It is not entirely clear why this is necessary, but if there is such a possibility, then there is sense in it.

Yet there is, perhaps, the most important thing — you can sort the results by price:

To define a price range. Well I do not want to buy a phone more expensive than 300$ — just specify in the appropriate field:

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Choose a category:


And choose the range of valuations of buyers:

Regarding the choice of categories and estimates that these functions only work while with Aliexpress. I understand that other shops have not yet provided the required API to implement, but everything comes gradually…

The feeling of use

After a thorough test leaving only the pleasant sensations. The process is not slower than the official sites, due to the use of parallel rather than serial queries.

The results shows the area where sold by lot, picture, short description and price. By default, the filtered results by price in ascending order.

That is, the very first results will be the cheapest and you can find a lot lots for the price of just a few cents. Then you can adjust the results by using the price range.

Very convenient, that just shows the size of the official cashbackthat you can expect when buying in different stores it will be different.

So in the end we only have to click «shop now» to see the detailed description, terms of delivery, feedback on the product and the seller.


The service, as the whole idea in General is very interesting and useful. But there are downsides and the main one: crosspost pretty buggy.

So, there is no ability to specify maximum and minimum number of units in one lot. I prefer to buy the goods individually, and to me shows a lot of wholesale lots. It would also be possible to create more sub-categories for more accurate selection results.

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But you can use! This does not require special registration, just go to the link (or bookmark) and are looking for. However, to receive cashback you will need to register in CashbackEPN.


Go to crosspost and try

P. S. please note, However, that the return part of the funds from the purchase is possible only at observance of certain rules, which preclude blocking.