Elektrokofemolke Homeleader stainless steel

Bought elektrokofemolke on Aliexpress and decided to drink freshly ground coffee in the morning. Chose grinder brand Homeleader with a Cup and a knife made of stainless steel for 1100 R. and free shipping. The parcel was Mail of Russia 25 days to Ufa.

Unpacked, washed, filled coffee, closed the lid, pressed the button, the grains have reached the desired consistency in a minute. Do not keep it on for more than 30 sec, then 10 sec. relax, you can continue grinding.

Elektrokofemolke is small: height — 17cm. width — 11cm., so you can place it anywhere wound the cord around. Bowl volume on 70gr. coffee. Transparent lid and a convenient button of inclusion allows to control the grinding.

The metal bowl is easy to clean, if in addition to coffee you need to grind something else. Freshly ground coffee is always tastier instant, so grind it just before cooking.

Wife began to grind elektrokofemolke Homeleader egg shells that had been saving for about a year.

The dust turns per minute, 2 clicks for 30 seconds (she uses it as fertilizer for planting in the garden), but every spring I start to laying hens and now I will add Karlovy powder them in the food for the best egg production (in powder state is better absorbed).

Purchase electric coffee grinder stainless steel HomeLeader 100% satisfied. Took on Aliexpress here on this page. Still I can recommend the review on chemex for coffee and the coffee maker Vitek.

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