Elegant women’s watch Enmex

I have long wanted to buy himself a good watch, but did not dare. All looked in the local stores, but prices here are really good watch I was somewhat embarrassed, and cheap to buy a more expensive cost. Besides, I’m allergic to Nickel, and in inexpensive costume jewelry, naturally, he is present, and almost all watches and bracelets on my wrist irritation.

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  3. Additional bracelets
  4. Quality
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Once wandering in the vastness of Aliexpress I came across this watch. My delight knew no bounds. Exactly what I need: a gentle, elegant, well, just awesome watches. Look expensive and elegant.

Spit on my Allergy decided in that whatever was to acquire them. Even if they have the damn Nickel and defy them plainly I never will. What can you do being a woman. And on the nose how the times 28 th March. Then the platform Ali gave 5-dollarbie coupons, which on March 28, you can buy the product of interest. But only the seller involved in the action. I had to grab the coupons in advance, as their number was limited, and wanting – Nemer. So I grabbed (with great difficulty, of course) one coupon for the right to use it from the seller «liang yu».

Only later did I learn that the company Enmex is the official store at Aliexpress, where laid, all of their products (including the newest) and they are sold directly from the manufacturer. Here it is:

He had 2 identical lot of interest to me for hours: that is, he sold the same watch at two different prices: one lot cost slightly more than $ 3, and the second — as much as about 29 $. Yes, here is such a huge difference.

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Having studied both a lot and finally making sure that both forms are the same, I decided to buy apartments for$ 3 (with black and red straps) and use my 5 dollarby coupon. But, unfortunately, on the day of event (March 28) the cunning seller raised the price to 6.32$, and I bought one watch instead of the previously planned two. Here is such a sly dog this «liang yu» ((((. In the end, with a coupon watch cost me 1.3$. 1 DOLLAR and 32 CENTS, Carl!!! For such a watch. But what now in detail.


This is my most successful purchase on Aliexpress. A choice of colour variations of strap and dial was huge. With the same black band, for example, was a watch with gold clasps, silver clasps, with a white or black dial.

And there was a white, red and blue straps. I chose the watch with the black strap and white dial, because, in my opinion, black is a classic, and it can be combined with any colors in clothes and any style.

Delivery time not too disappointed: I ordered the product on March 28, received in exactly a month: 27th of April (for delivery in my area, believe me, this is quite a short period of time).

The watch came in an ugly brown cardboard box. And such a beautiful velvet case with a pad in which the stores sell the watch, was not there. But inside the box lay the velvet sheath of deep blue.

To the touch the material is very nice, looks expensive, all seams are stitched evenly and there are no odors. Because usually things from China to give of damp warehouses, and then — no, everything is super. Tie the sheath arranged on both sides, so to close-to open much easier than the cozies with double-sided drawstring.

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Additional bracelets

Inside I was in for a surprise: the seller presented 2 thin rubber bracelets, black and blue, with the words «BEST FRIEND» and «FRIENDS FOREVER». A trifle, but nice.

The photos they post unfortunately you can’t, because they have gone in the summer. I gave my son, and he shared with his best friend. Symbolically, do you not?) Though the inscription has worn off for the week, but with so many pluses, I think, it is not critical.

That product turned out to be exactly the same as in the picture, a long time will not spread. Even the watch had attached a pair of spare straps in black. The straps are obviously made of leather, from leather or any other leather, but is made on the conscience, uniform stitches and no loose threads.

At first I povozmuschalis that, say, for a change, could spare straps to send another color (I especially liked the red). What? Tired of the same color and again!

Changed, and you already have other watches. But eventually I realized that after all the seller did the right thing (he’s better than me knew about the quality of their straps, ha ha). First change the straps were not so easy as I initially imagined, and secondly if every night to remove the watch to wear in the morning and again, they they will not last long, and then spare straps will be very helpful.


For example, I wear them infrequently, in the month of 10-15 times max. I’ve had 10 months and if you look at the creases, you can be sure that the strap they have is not the quality time I came to this form in such a short time socks. But, given the quality of the clock itself and the design that I liked so much, (I do not speak for any penny they have acquired), I’m not a bit sorry about this purchase. In the end, the straps can always be changed: you can order them from some tanners at the place of residence or buy from the same Aliexpress.

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The watch is made well, the battery has never sat down and never lag even for a second. The glass on the dial is thin, no optical defects, no scratches. Carefully glued, smeared glue nowhere to be found. Instead of numbers inserted four shiny stones at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

Where to buy

About the seller liang yu can say only that is not very sociable, although maybe during the spring campaign he had a lot of buyers and he did not have time to answer all questions and feedback. But what’s his range!!! He apparently specializiruetsya for some hours and they had selected the most beautiful and stylish on the marketplace, and the price does not bite, although, again, this liang yu is very cunning and he is making the purchase need to be extremely careful. It is better to take directly in the office.the shop of the manufacturer at the site of Ali:

Yeah, I almost forgot, no allergic reaction the watch was never called, even when I wore them several days in a row. Although other hours in just one day of wear is already irritation.

In conclusion, I can confidently state that these watches have become one of my best (maybe the best) of findings from Aliexpress all the time of my registration on this site.