Electronic products are presented on Aliexpress by a large number of little-known Chinese brands that produce equipment for the domestic market of China and popular global brands that do not need additional advertising.


Chinese brands for the domestic market, well-known in the middle Kingdom, such as Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and many others, are of very high quality at a reasonable price. They do not need to spend money on PR and advertising in China is very developed «word of Mouth» and a decent quality will always be on everyone’s lips.

As for global brands, everything is fine here too. Samsung and Philips, Kingston, Acer and others — all their products are now manufactured in China. And, of course, their products can be bought in Aliexpress.


In addition to smartphones and tablets on Ali are quite rare gadgets, some of which many have not even heard of. Not everyone knows about the «smart» scales, ready to monitor changes in the state of the body, or about the collar with GPS-tracker, signaling the location of the pet.

And how do you like the opportunity to put your street mini-metastation capable of predicting the weather pressure and temperature history, drawing graphs of weather changes for the next day? This is a reality!

iPhone and iPad

Even Apple technology is going to China. Not all components are from there, some are supplied from Korea, Japan and the USA, but the final Assembly and, consequently, the birth of the finished product, take place in China! So there you can get the best prices before the inclusion of commissions intermediaries, payment for delivery and customs.

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