Electronic piggy Bank SAFE with combination lock

Electronic piggy Bank ATM in the form of a safe ordered online at Aliexpress, selected the product, the courier brought the order home in exactly two weeks, the price amounted to 946 rubles. Here is a link to this model on Ali at a discount from the seller LemonBest Housesupply Store.

The contents

  1. For children
  2. Dimensions
  3. Quality and how to use
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

For children

They took the gift to the child, he saw a video review and asked me for her for a long time. Seeing it live immediately regretted that I didn’t buy it sooner, definitely recommend to buy, this toy is worth the money.

The seller is offering this piggy Bank-a safe with a combination lock in assorted colors, there is pink, blue and black. I stopped at last, I thought, this is more like a real safe.


First, a fairly large size, it really looks like a mini — safe, done to the last detail high quality and realistic. The dimensions of the piggy Bank 13*12,5*19,5 cm, to the same original package — colorful, perfect for a gift.

Just write that for e-filling and the combination lock of a safe box requires three AA batteries («AA» — in common), they are not included.

Another surprise for me was the small screwdriver in the kit, which you can use to open a place for batteries.

The manual, unfortunately only in English, but so you can understand that the initial password is «0000». How to change the password you can see in the review or translate the user manual. But it’s very simple, the video below.

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Quality and how to use

Electronic baby safe made of plastic, in spite of this, there is absolutely no smell. Above the buttons code lock are two indicator lights up red in case of incorrectly entered password the same way in this case is the phrase «Please try again.»

Green — if the password came up and the piggy Bank can be opened, for this you need to turn the knob clockwise, then the door will open piggy Bank with sound «squeak».

If the door more than 10 seconds is in the open position, the green indicator light flashes, accompanied by an audible signal.

The buttons are made of soft rubber material, each time the Treasury makes a sound. I do not use new batteries, but the sounds are quite loud, optional you can turn them off, switch is located on the inside wall of the door.

The bill acceptor is made great, very similar to the present, with retraction of the notes produces a characteristic sound, just like on a real terminal.

Problems may arise with the introduction of the bill acceptor worn bills, it is recommended to use no damage, not much wrinkled.

On the top panel of the box has a hole for the coins, it is usual, the coin just falls to the Treasury without any reactions from the electronics.


The only disadvantage is slightly scratched inner rear wall (pictured below), though the scratches are not visible and filled, I wanted it to be perfect.

Using safe, my child has fantasy, and began to hide there little things all the time takes little sister. As it is not small, can easily fit spinners, gum and small cars.

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Highly recommend! Again, bought on Aliexpress here at a discount. I can also recommend this microscope for a studentto the child from an early age learned the structure of all around.