Electronic lighter with USB

Not long ago I saw on the site Aliexpress new — electronic lighter I decided to order on this page wife as a gift for February 23, it costs 340 rubles, came for 3 weeks received the product in the mail.

Lighter husband very much, works flawlessly, came with no damage both external and internal.

Well with her in windy weather, because it is a spiral that never ceases to burn in the wind, as is the case with conventional lighters.

It attracted me, appearance, looks very stylish in the hand is good.

The contents

  1. Appearance and usability
  2. Charging
  3. Stylish and simple

Appearance and usability

Lighter ultrathin, metal, switched on and off from a fingerprint, backlit display, which has a badge on and charging (four points), as they sits decrease charge, came fully charged.


Charge holds for up to 4 days at active use. Colors in matte black, matte red, glossy blue and silver colors, the latest and I ordered. Includes usb cord for charging.

There is fast charging function via USB charging, and when fully charged it starts to flash the display, signaling about it. Parcel received in the gift box, which is another plus, as to give not ashamed. Sizes lighter 72*30*4 mm.

Stylish and simple

From the pros want to note that electronic cigarette lighter looks nice when in use, very lightweight and compact, the surface does not remain fingerprints, and the spiral is heated instantly after placing a finger to the button and also cools down instantly.

Just like the function of quick charging. Gift wrapping is also an advantage in the selection of goods. Communication with the seller was pleased, it is well done, willingly and promptly answered all my questions. Of the minuses I would like to highlight that the parcel not be tracked all the way, but it is not critical.

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Concluding I want to say that I purchase and my husband was satisfied, he especially loved the lighter, use it constantly, about the usual lighter forgotten. Before buying I read many positive reviews and I can safely say that they are completely justified.

Product to buy I recommend the price the quality is fully consistent. Buy, will not regret. Took on Aliexpress here. I can also advise electronic vaper Fuchai.