Electronic cigarette review vaping on a mod from Smok Morph 219 kit

Want to do a review on the e-cigarette (vaping) Smok Morph 219 kit. Made the order about a month ago on Aliexpress here on this page, has received 23 days later.

Bought 5 of 134.72 RUB Vaping was Smokie packaged in a branded box, which in addition to all the information as was specified serial number and other codes to determine the original.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. The appearance and ease of use
  3. Using the mod
  4. Opinion
  5. Video


The set of e-cigarette included the mod, tank, instruction (though the Russian language there), warranty card, replaceable vaporizer (the second was already installed in tank), glass replacement, oring, USB cable and silicone cover for tank (to not break the glass during a fall).

The kit included everything that was stated from the seller. Here are the battery size 18650, batteries not included, had to buy separately.

The appearance and ease of use

Go to appearance electronic cigarette Smok Morph 219 kit. This model is quite attractive, looks rich, immediately struck by the screen which is tilted as USB connector. The first days insert the cable was unusual, but then got the hang of it.

Screen in this model, the Morph — touch, top-glued film. Film I shot, in order not to mess up the screen. The sensor works well from the first pressing. Side full-length button is Fire, works «on Hurrah».

There’s also a lock button vaping, in order to eliminate accidental activation in the pocket, which is also a plus. The back of the body has a pattern that blends into the design, and the name of the model MORPH.

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Cover the bottom goes under the battery mod Smok Morph. The lid is on the latch, so that she «accidentally» opens. I will say a few words about the tank — the tank is very pleased, perfectly captures the taste, produces a lot of steam.

Tank cover has a button, that is to open the tank need to press the button. On the one hand is not very convenient to open with one hand not to open. But on the other hand the liquid will not spill in your pocket.

About «leaks» also praise, for the 5 days of active use of vaping I have not had any «leaks», even a drop.

Using the mod

Let us turn to the functionality of this electronic cigarette. Included mod standard 5-fold button is pressed Fire. When enabled, you can see the company logo, followed by the model name, there at the bottom indicate the firmware version (Yes, it is!).

Next is the main screen, which shows all the necessary information vaping Smok Morph — power in watts, for hover mode ( easy, normal, hard). I personally, as a lover of cigarette puffs, immediately chose the «Hard» mode , but then switched to Normal as there was a slight burning sensation when even puffs at 60 watts.

Also shows the resistance, number of puffs, the amps, the charge of both batteries.

The menu itself is in the color scheme with the mod (I have a red — menu, respectively, also red), but it can be changed in the settings. The customizations themselves are pretty extensive, you can even «drive» your favorite liquid and their castle, but I didn’t climb.

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In conclusion, I would like to briefly summarize. Elegant appearance e-cigarette, extensive functional vaping, reliability due to protection (from overheating, overdischarge, etc.), «delicious» tank without leaks the mod fits comfortably in the hand.

Mod pleased me, not regretted the purchase. Once again, I bought this vaping on Aliexpress here.