Electric toothbrush Xiaomi SOOCAS X3

In winter, the dentist advised her daughter to buy a toothbrush electric toothbrush. As the city prices on these brushes is not very good, I decided to order from China on Aliexpress.

Reading the features on the toothbrush from Xiaomi SOOCAS X3 decided to stop the choice on it. The advantage is that they are ultrasonic. Has interchangeable tips for different teeth.

My wife and I consulted and decided to order one brush and 3 nozzle to clean the whole family. Since the Order was made on 28 January at a price of 45 $, the choice was in favor of white. The site was still black. The seller sent the item after 3 days. After about 3 weeks we received the long-awaited parcel.

Box is in perfect condition. Inside was a brush, a charger with a stand very neat, manual. Brush was charged very pleased. Then we could test it.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Feelings and impressions
  3. Manual
  4. Battery & charger
  5. Cons
  6. Video


Unpacking can feel the quality of the brand Xiaomi in everything. The nozzle, which is a very important part and which, in fact, come into contact with the gums, tongue and the oral cavity, carefully Packed in individual sterile vacuum containers.

Feelings and impressions

First impressions after the usual brushes, a very strong vibration. But then we connected it to the phone after downloading the application, and was able to select modes for everyone! It has 3 standard modes:

  • cleaning,
  • for sensitive teeth;
  • whitening,
  • and 4th mode — individualno custom. So you are in it yourself customize the level of vibration, as well as brushing your teeth.
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After cleaning, it feels as though first time in my life brushing my teeth!

There is a reminder not to forget. Has a water-resistant casing, and it can be washed under running water.


Manual attached to it in Chinese. But at the same time, executed step-by-step «comic», so questions arise especially.

All modes are selected by repeatedly pressing just one button on the case with Bluetoth for the first time to connect a long press on the power button to completely power off mode. Quickly flashes the blue led. Then you want to search devices on your smartphone or tablet and secondentity. Subsequent wireless connection Saami will happen automatically.

In the video below this review you can see more.

Battery & charger

The three of us battery lasts for 3 months! For the first 9 months of use 2 times charged! According to the manufacturer, inside is battery capacity of 1000 mAh, what is easy to believe, given the size and weight.

There is a charge indicator on the case, but when connecting over bluetoth to be in a special app to see the full status of the battery.

Again, according to the manufacturer, Xiaomi, a full charge should last for up to 25 days. I think you need to clean the mouth at least an hour a day to do so!)))

By the way, if you follow the health of their children, we suggest that to acquire here such device to check the health of Xiaomi.


I will say that it has no cons, only pros! Customized for any teeth, water resistance, quality cleaning by ultrasound, long battery life, reminders, cleaning time for each, intelligent charging, choice of colors, replaceable brush heads with different bristle.

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Well, really no cons! If there are doubts or different opinion, please write in the comments below.

I can safely recommend the seller as an honest and reliable, as well as a toothbrush from a trusted manufacturer for a very small price! Again, bought Xiaomi SOOCAS here on Aliexpress.