Electric toothbrush ORAL-B Vitality 3D White

Electric toothbrush at affordable price. Write reviews on a product that really liked it, very easy and pleasant. So I decided to talk about one of the most memorable and happy shopping with Ali.

ORAL-B Vitality 3D White bought three visits, the first order — and his son, the second husband, who at first opposed the creation of progress and said it was stupid. And the third order was for a gift for mom.

Took all of three times, with a discount for 982 of the ruble. At the moment the cost is 1473 rubles, but, in periods of stock and sales price has been steadily declining. The only time — with one account, you can order two pieces of product at a discount. Bought from the official representative of ORAL-B in section TMall here.

The contents

  1. Dignity
  2. Disadvantages
  3. Overall impression
  4. Video


  • Long works from the battery during standard use twice a day on average holds a charge for about a week.
  • Two-minute timer.
  • A variety of nozzles, which are sold in Russia, as in online stores and in pharmacies. You can also order nozzle on Aliexpress in the sale are
  • original ORAL-B and ring that are also suitable.
  • Waterproof design, can be used in the shower.


  • What I praised the first item in the virtues, about the end of the year turned negative. The brush holds charge for approximately three days. In principle, it is not critical, you can just leave it on overnight to charge, for the convenience of the charger I posted in the bathroom.
  • The cost of the original bits is quite high.
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Overall impression

Shipping with Tmall is very fast, two orders were brought by courier in Moscow oblast for three to four days, and one I have received at the delivery point on the third day after registration. This is one of the fastest arrivals of orders. No doubt this is a big plus purchase.

After a year of use I can say that back to regular toothbrushes I didn’t switch. Perhaps in the future I will have to buy more modern and expensive models, but at the moment quite happy with this.

Spare nozzles repeatedly ordered not original, their average cost is 200 rubles for 8 pieces. Quality they are certainly inferior, but in General, if you follow the rule of replacement cleaning heads each month, the purchase is completely justified.

The original nozzles in Russian stores you can find around 400 roubles for one piece. In my opinion it is expensive. Each nozzle has a rim of a certain color. It helps to distinguish between brush, but I have, in the collective, caused blobs of nail Polish, so certainly no one is confused.

Teenage son finally learned to brush their teeth twice a day and certain time (two minute timer). At first it was just interesting, and then became a habit. It is still and electric toothbrush for the face of JP to buy and a hydrophilic oil to clean the face, and then a teenager, pimples, you know…

Overall I am very pleased with this acquisition as the rest of the family. This toothbrush is included in the first series of my rating of the top shopping. With full responsibility I recommend ORAL-B Vitality to use. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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Video not mine, just found them on the Internet: