Electric Rotorazer saw Raw

I’ve been buying different items and appliances on the trading floor Aliekspress. Recently purchased my husband’s gift electric mini saw Rotorazer circulating Raw for 52.63 per$ here on this page Ali. The transport company sdek, delivered to the entrance.

So, a little about the saw. A thing, of course, interesting, I’m even happy with purchase and pleasure to work with her in the garden when husband’s not around.

The saw came in a small suitcase with two keys, three different drives: ceramics, metal and wood. Even included is a hose with a nozzle for connection to vacuum cleaner to all construction dust and debris does not spread in the air.

Discs in the suitcase fastened with a bolt to keep running to the body and was not possible they accidentally drop. Each disc is framed by a silicone pad, you can optionally order additional. But I think these will last for a long time. The diameter of 54.8 mm.

Power tool Rotorazer Raw is excellent in the hand and does not feel extraneous vibrations that could create an inconvenience. The electric tool does not emit nasty loud sounds that are sometimes «put pressure on the brain»

You can adjust the angle of the special controller. Easy to use in tight spaces due to the small size of this rotary tool is only 27 cm

Rotorazer saw immediately tried on all types of materials such as ceramic tiles, when laid on the floor in the shower. Plastic and metal pipe of a plumbing, wooden plinth, metal profile, plastic panels, polycarbonate for greenhouse, andolin on the roof, even the rubber mats have been cut without any difficulty.

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Very pleased with the high accuracy of the cut, the saw will not jump during operation and creates a smooth cut. Therefore, such a universal electro saw is just not replaceable and it is easy to handle even fragile girl. Again let me remind you that I bought on Aliexpress here. Also can you recommend a versatile bag for tools WORKPRO.