Electric pump for water 19 liters

More than eleven years I was a mechanical pump and it is very strained. It will not resume water pump. And then I came across a review video of products from China. There were a lot of various devices that facilitate urban life, including got me an electric pump for bottles of 19 liters.

On the website it cost twelve dollars, the delivery period was specified month came quickly, in three weeks by regular mail to Kiev. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

Pump came packaged in bubble wrap and a cardboard box. She was already charged, so we immediately started to use it.

Comes with charging wire and plug. The main advantages that she was not holding a charge. That is ninety litres of water it pumps quietly, that’s about 5 bottles of 19 liters.

On top of the pump there is a round luminous indicator that shows the amount of charge. As soon as the device is discharged, the light circle is broken, and the light becomes paler.

Charging time is not long, approximately three hours, not more.

Unlike mechanical pumps, electric pumps water from the cylinders to the last drop, so the need to pour out the remaining water in the free capacity anymore.

It will save much water, if before one can nineteen litres, we lacked a maximum of three days, now we use the cylinder seven or eight days.

Of the minuses can be noted only that it is quite noisy, and at night its buzzing enough bracing, you can hear that on the whole not a small apartment.

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If you order water to the office or home, I highly recommend to buy this pump. This change will greatly simplify your life and save water. Also can you recommend a Board for faster defrost, but still stylish kettle with whistle Galaxy.