Electric mini drill GOXAWEE

Item: set GOXAWEE electric mini drill with 120 jewelry. I’ll start with the delivery and prices, I ordered a parcel from Russia (delivery to weeks).

In my small town the parcel arrived in exactly a week, ordered 02.02 parcel arrived 09.02. About prices ordered a full set 2700R. Given that in my city this set is from the 5th. and above. Bought on Aliexpress here.

The contents

  1. Set
  2. Speed
  3. Dremel
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


So let’s move to the parcel Packed, she was first in a cardboard box with the company name, followed by the case, it was not great, thought it would be huge. The case is made of strong material, rivets reliable. Opening the case, I was surprised how much.

Inside was a plastic box with attachments, then the Dremel and a lot of just who find it difficult to hold the Dremel, a Flex shaft.

If you count all the heads, including those intended for mounting, it turns out even a little more than the claimed 120.


The mini drill has 5 different speeds, it can be adapted to work on: wood, metal, ceramics, glass and many other materials.

I decided to try to draw something on the Cup, at first she was afraid as she hadn’t cracked, but the fears would be in vain.


The Dremel works great, handy for work in the repair, you can do engraving and to decorate things, I decided to try to engrave on a wooden Board, the result pleased me. To not fully understand why some heads, but with time I understand. At work there is a vibration and not a lot of noise, but it is not critical.

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Sale I liked it, lived up to expectations, so I recommend mini drill GOXAWEE. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page, the official representative of the brand, Gokavi. For business men, «with hands from the right place» can you recommend other cheap chainsaw ENIFIELD and multimeter DT-9205M.


The video is not mine, just found on the Internet: