Electric machine-router for a manicure

I ordered the mill on Aliexpress in here. At the time of purchase it cost me 1095 roubles that in comparison with the same mill in the town in 2,5-3 times cheaper.

As for mills, the proposals were quite a lot, but they chose this seller based on reviews and the timing of delivery. At the time of purchase of the value of the mills amounted to 258 rubles, while in the city shops cost starts from 600 rubles. I tell you a secret that now the cost is reduced and the cutter comes out to about 185 rubles.

Deadlines: may 30, received June 13, mill, and the mill, unfortunately, is not tracked, came a few days earlier. In principle, fast enough shipping, to the word when ordering the router estimated delivery was 10-15 days, and milling cutter 60, but both came within two weeks.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Quality
  3. Dignity
  4. Disadvantages
  5. The package
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video


Fraser for nails can scare «Lupascu», but I’ve had it for almost a year and everything is fine: the case is sturdy and can withstand moving/various carrying, handle is made forever. All the wires similar to the device very sturdy.

The unit itself is made of plastic as components.


The cutter looks very high quality. But why look? She really is super-quality! Compared with the previously purchased in professional shops — a perfect match, even better than some old ones.

Made of ceramics. Notch excellent! For removal I usually take red, but if you’re a beginner, you can start with blue, green, yellow. Black is the hardest.

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The Frezer is working properly for almost a year, of course, is not on stream (home machine — more from him to be expected).

Speed in the range of 20 thousand — it is quite enough for removing gel, manicure/pedicure, waxing, and other nuances. Takes off very briskly, don’t be afraid to work at high speeds.

The lower the speed, the more likely to get hurt or to saw through the nail plate.

Average time removing gel Polish: 20-30 minutes, if serious strengthening, 30-40 minutes, including time for treatment of pterygium, cuticles, etc. details.

Mill — above all praise. Perfect notch, shoots once or twice, the nail does not burn.


The only thing I don’t like the handle of a router — vibrate (read about this problem on cheap cutters solved that problem quality handle, or the review/collection of this (some bolt slightly moves inside it), also someone’s vibration is absent, someone too strong.

Here, too, it is worth considering that a good pen is a strong, or any cheap, but with a normal bolt, but after an indefinite time, the situation repeated.

Therefore, I advise you to be ready to parse the handle and screwing the bolt yourself — nothing complicated).

All the wires similarly to the device is very sturdy, really short (prepare a power strip or table type Ironing Board with power socket).

The package

Frazier came in the box with the device itself, pen, pen holder, a set of cutters (throw them or put as an example of what is not worth taking; by and large the set of such cutters put in all the vehicles regardless of the cost).

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The mill came with Ali in the small box with the notch cap of the corresponding color.


If you need inexpensive but good router for yourself or «small company family/friends» go ahead, I don’t regret never.

The cutter to take definitely worth it! Even if you use only carbide or not used at all. Don’t listen to anybody: pottery — the best thing may be to remove the coating! Especially for a price like here on Aliexpress.

Can still recommend the device Gustala for professional manicure and a device for local d’arsonvalization skin.